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Zero-VOC Bathroom Paint?

kakippkakipp Pasadena, CA
For most of our house, we've used Benjamin Moore Natura Paint (zero-VOC in both the paint and colorant - I remember a few years ago a lot of "zero-VOC" paint still had plenty of VOCs in the colorant). We've been very happy with it, but are now looking to paint our bathroom and would prefer a paint that is specific to bathrooms. Benjamin Moore has the Aura Paint, but it only comes in matte, and we'd really prefer a semi-gloss for the bathroom. So, two questions:

- Has anyone out there used the Benjamin Moore Natura in a bathroom and how have the results been?
- Does anyone have a recommendation for a zero-VOC paint (in both the paint AND colorant) that is specifically for bathrooms, and comes in semi-gloss?



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