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Media console top

I started building a media console for my husband's birthday, and finished the base of the console for the 4th of July. I have a reclaimed wood top prepared, that I planned on staining Dark Walnut, but I am concerned that it will not match the black console (my husband's paint choice). Would you paint the planks black/white/another color, or would you go with the stained reclaimed look? I have included a photo of the unpainted console and the painted console without the top.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my little quandry. :)
600 x 448 - 100K
600 x 448 - 88K


  • Wow, those are amazing prices. You can do whatever you want to wood at that price and not feel bad about it. Thank you for checking out my blog! That was about two years ago. It has been so satisfying to renovate our home.

    Manda Wolf @ Our Wolf Den
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