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Media console top

I started building a media console for my husband's birthday, and finished the base of the console for the 4th of July. I have a reclaimed wood top prepared, that I planned on staining Dark Walnut, but I am concerned that it will not match the black console (my husband's paint choice). Would you paint the planks black/white/another color, or would you go with the stained reclaimed look? I have included a photo of the unpainted console and the painted console without the top.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my little quandry. :)
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  • Sunnysideup_stairsSunnysideup_stairs O'ahu, Hawai'i
    edited July 2013
    I did not receive any suggestions, so I tested the console with a stained reclaimed wood top. Here's what it looks like now, although not with the best lighting:
  • @Sunnysideup_stairs, I like it! More importantly what do you and your husband think?

    I cannot believe you built that - you've got skills girl!

    I'm curious, how did you build top? Can you lift the top off in one piece or are they each attached to the base? I have a top that I need to replace on a vintage buffet so I gathering ideas.
  • Sunnysideup_stairsSunnysideup_stairs O'ahu, Hawai'i
    @GreenInOC, thank you so much for your comment. :) My husband and I enjoy having it; it's a hundred times better than this sad scene (a.k.a. life without furniture):

    It's looking right at home in our progressing living room:

    (It's amazing that I can actually show you want I want to say)

    I don't know if I have skills, but I have some helpful tools! :) I built the top using a pocket hole jig. Basically, I screwed the planks together from the underside so they would be one piece.

    Here are the tools:

    Attached is a shot of the underside of the top to give you an idea if this would work for your buffet. I left it as is, because it is hidden, but I typically fill with wood filler and paint/stain. (I do not yet have the photo online, my apologies).

    If you're joining wood planks and you want no pocket holes or screws, dowel joints are another option. Basically, you cut wood dowels about 1-1/2" long, drill holes on each piece of board the same size as the dowel, apply wood glue, and tap the pieces together to form a dowel joint. I have a photo of that online too:

    I apologize if I've posted too many pictures in my attempt to be helpful, but I hope this helps you decide if it's right for your project.

    Aloha e malama pono!
    (Goodbye and take good care)
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  • courtmcg8courtmcg8 Savannah, GA
    The stained reclaimed wood looks amazing, and I am so impressed that you built this from scratch!

  • It looks really great. Love the reclaimed wood top!
  • Sunnysideup_stairsSunnysideup_stairs O'ahu, Hawai'i
    @courtmcg8, I love building furniture. helped me believe it was possible. I purchased some tools, used her plans as inspiration, and have built almost all the furniture in our once empty home (except those inherited sofas, eh). If you're interested, it truly is possible to make almost anything you want. :)

    @Madtown_Gal and @Angumms, thank you both! I love using reclaimed wood. It's economically and environmentally sound, and it definitely adds interests to simple pieces.

    I made a simple coffee table completely of reclaimed wood (so easy, anyone can do this, I think). The reclaimed top makes the piece, though:

    With some time and some tools, you can customize your own furniture. I highly recommend giving it a shot, if you're interested. :)

  • edited July 2013
    Whoa, love the coffee table!

    I definitely can't do this!! Just reading "pocket hole jig" gave me heart palpitations!
  • I love the reclaimed wood top. I am so glad you didn’t paint it. Getting to see the wood is the whole reason to use reclaimed (I think – unless you have access to a ton of it and it is just everyday building material in your world). I think I would have used inexpensive pine if I were going to paint it.

    Love what you did, great work, you should be proud of yourself I’m sure your hubby is!

    Manda Wolf @ Our Wolf Den
  • Sunnysideup_stairsSunnysideup_stairs O'ahu, Hawai'i
    Thank you for your comment, @OurWolfDen. There is a Re-Use Warehouse on my island from which I purchase as much lumber as I can fit in our trunk for our building needs. Prices are amazing, ranging from 10-30 cents a linear foot, and the lumber is saved from "deconstructed" homes. It's such a win-win.

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I checked out your blog and got excited to see flooring and paint going up on walls. Ah, it's been a year since we were in that phase, and I do sort of miss it. Love your new exterior siding and door, by the way. :)
  • Wow, those are amazing prices. You can do whatever you want to wood at that price and not feel bad about it. Thank you for checking out my blog! That was about two years ago. It has been so satisfying to renovate our home.

    Manda Wolf @ Our Wolf Den
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