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"Bad design" that you won't give up?

I've loved following the "Decor that bugs you" thread! On a similar topic, what bad design and/or annoying decor do you have in your own home but won't give up? I know my ceiling fans aren't beautiful, but they are soooo functional that I would never consider replacing them with more visually appealing fixtures. I also have a huge gap between my kitchen cabinet tops and the ceiling, and the cabinet tops are currently decorated with the lovely platters, pitchers, and bowls I received as wedding gifts but never use. They're all great pieces that I love, but I HATE decorated cabinet tops on principle - there just isn't anywhere else to store them!


  • Ceiling fans for sure. Trust me when you all get older and the hot flashes begin, you will totally relate even more! :)
  • Love my lazyboy! It's so ugly but so amazing. haha my boyfriend and I each have one -- his is forest green and mine is brown. LOL. I'm glad we're still in 'poor student' mode and not yet in 'nice house' mode. ;)
  • Carpeting in our bedrooms! We live in a very cold climate and it's better to step out of bed on a warm, cushy carpet than a cold, hard floor.
  • I could never give up my ceiling fans! I am so envious of gorgeous rooms with beautiful light fixtures but my fans are ALWAYS on. We even have extra mini fans throughout our house for the areas without ceiling fans. I think there is something about moving air that makes our house FEEL awesome even it doesn't look like something out of a magazine.

    I also recently read that pot and pan racks were going out! No way could I ever get rid of ours. It gives us so much extra storage and since it hangs over our sink, it makes cleaning them go so much faster since we don't have to take the time to hand dry.
  • I have a hideous wooden cat figurine that I got as a child on a trip to Amish country. It is sentimental to me, but my husband doesn't understand the charm. ;)
  • For sure ceiling fans! There was one in the cathedral-ceiling'd living room when we moved in a year and a half ago and we've installed two: master BR and kitchen. I am not a central air fan (although we have it) and love the option of using a fan instead except in the hottest of the hottest heatwave.

    We have a leather sofa, love seat, chair and ottoman generously left for us by the previous owners. I guess that means none of their family or friends wanted them! They are not sleak, OMG leather, but that puffy, over-stuffy, Jaba the Hut leather, know what I mean? They are super comfy and at least neutral and there is no way we can afford replacing them, so I'm embracing them.

    Also in the if-money-were-no-object category is all of the shiny brass door knobs and door hardware throughout the house which I would love to replace with black or ORB. (Sherry I know you're with me on this one!) But, alas.

  • Even though the rest of my house has (or will have) cool grey-toned neutrals, my giant brown & tan brick fireplace with the rustic wood mantle will never be painted or updated. It's from the 70s and probably looks that way but I love it and I think it's gorgeous. Also, I have very few throw blankets that were purchased to match the decor. Instead, I have homemade quilts from family members. They don't always match but they make me feel loved every time I curl up on the couch under one of them.
  • CASheltonCAShelton New London, CT
    Ditto ceiling fans! We don't have central air so it helps to disperse the cold air from the air conditioners in the summer. And once I ORB the ugly brass pieces I don't think it will be so ugly.
  • Ceiling fans. I love them and you will need to pry them from my cold dead hands (hahaha) before I remove the fans. Our fireplace insert is brass - it's so expensive to replace and I hear brass is making a come back so it's staying!
  • JanJan
    edited August 2013
    1. Ceiling fans, because then we don't need the A/C (except if the dog is hot), so we save a bundle.
    2. The brick area for my wall oven and cooktop. No. White. Paint. Sorry, I like the original look. Ditto for my family room fireplace, which also has a gray slate slab mantel.

    We've also lived for 16 years with dark wood paneling in the family room. It's what we had in the family room in my childhood home, so I like it, although admittedly it makes the room dark. But I'm too lazy to paint it. Now the plastic bifold doors to the living room are another story. At first I wanted to replace them with wood and glass French-style doors. Now I just want them OFF.

    @Nina_D, have you considered the Rustoleum ORB spray for your doorknobs? I've done a few and so far, so good!
  • snickjakesnickjake Lincoln NE
    our family room was added to the house in the 70's and there is dark, ruff cut lumber throughout the room. walls, ceiling, built in's, mantle... it makes the room so dark (sad), but also so cozy! and while i'm trying some things to brighten the room (breezy curtains, wall paper behind built ins), i never want to lose that cozy feeling that it has, so the wood (or at least some of it) will be staying for the long haul! :)
  • We wouldn't last long without our ceiling fans. There's no way we could afford the electric bill from running the AC that much in July and August in Oklahoma.
  • First of all, I love this thread.
    Second, I won't give up fake plants! With two kids and my inability to keep a plant alive (okay, I've never tried and my kids seem to be doing well) I can't bring myself to get real ones! I've added real plants to the list of "To Try When We Move to a House" because I love the life they breathe into a space. Anyone else ignore that rule?
  • RECLINERS! We have two Lazy Boys we got for free. They are sturdy and comfortable and I think most of the trendy furniture is not comfortable at all. I'm also not a fan of ceiling height curtain rods (unless there are blinds underneath to cover the gap). I think the gap above the window looks silly!
  • @Jan, that's a great option and if it were just door knobs, I might give it a shot. But there's all those hinges and latch plates, etc.., and I just don't have the gumption. (I do have a husband who would look at me like I was crazy if I suggested that there was anything "wrong" with the brass to begin with!)

    Thanks, though!
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