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HOLY Reclaimed Church Pew!

edited July 2013 in Look What I Did
We are head over heels in love with our reclaimed church pew. The best part.... she was FREE! To think she was on her way to the garbage just breaks my heart.
photo IMG_0005-001_zpsaadab5ba.jpg
photo IMG_0007_zpsfe153908.jpg

And after....
photo 51ddd29bfb04d6238b0000d5_w540_sfit_-001_zps4bb98dc8.jpg
photo Downloads4_zps1762c061.jpg

Thankfully, we dressed her up gave her a new, loving home. Xo, DIY Playbook


  • That looks gorgeous!
  • Thank you all! We loved the chipped paint to, but we also couldn't resist a nice, clean finish. It was a hard decision, but in the end, we're glad we did what we did.
  • Looks awesome. I am torn between the chippy finish and the new one, but I think the new one looks great, especially with your other decor and pillows.
  • Definitely like the finish you chose. Beautifully done!
  • BreeanneBreeanne Texas
    edited August 2013
    Soooo cool. We have a pew too

    . I reclaimed it from my mom's house and it fit that space so perfectly.
    I'm glad you painted yours even though I love the chippy look. I'd worry about lead paint, etc.
  • hillarykatehillarykate Portsmouth, VA
    I signed up (finally) just so I could leave a comment. Love it and love that you refinished it. I love a chippy finish as well, but in the right setting. Next to that clean white couch and bookshelves I didn't love it chippy but love it how it is now! Beautiful job!
  • sherimooresherimoore Charlotte, NC
    So lovely! I have one of these out on my covered porch, because it's the only place such a long bench would fit in my house at the time. Now I'm wondering if I should measure to see if it might fit at the foot of my queen-sized bed. Off to find the measuring tape!
  • Thank you so much @lisaE!!

    @Hillarykate... wow, we are honored that you made the plunge just for that comment... so worth it because you made our day!

    @sherimoore... wow, I never thought about a pew on a porch... genius!! Thanks for sharing! :) But... you'll have to keep us updated on the measurements, I'd love to see a pew @ the foot of a bed! Send us pics!!
  • Um, I love this. Great job! Who would have thought to put it behind a couch too! super fun :)
  • sherimooresherimoore Charlotte, NC
    @DIYPlaybook here's the pew on the porch - I have a very long, narrow porch to work with, so it's handy for punkin decor and such. Most of the time the cat statue that's lurking underneath in this shot is up on the seat, so my daughter can say hello to him on the way to the car every morning =)

    Sadly it's a bit too long for the foot of the bed at 66 inches, but I think I'd better do some refinishing/sealing to help this guy survive the elements. I kinda like the peely look, but I'm worried about it breaking down! It's a bit sentimental - my mom bought it from the little church my grandfather went to as a kid when they decided to sell the building to the state for meeting space.
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  • @sherimoore

    Love it!! What a unique, charming and adorable way to glam up your porch. And the pumpkins.... love, love, love!! Thanks for sharing the picture!
  • Benches are so versatile and this is a great one. I have a soft spot for anything saved from the trash. Beautiful finish!
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