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Dream Paint Color?

I am wrapping up wallpaper removal in my guest room and I'm at a loss as to what color I want to go with. The room is a blank canvas and I'm not committed to anything colorwise right now. SO that leads me to my question.

If you could pick any color to do a room in (doesn't have to go with your current home palette) what would it be? What color do you dream of using somewhere?


  • I always thought a shade of turquoise would be fun in a room. We did finally paint our master bedroom that color and loved it. It did not match any of the other color choices in our home but we loved it. We paired it with white, gray, and some magenta accents.
  • Pale lavender! The previous owners painted a bathroom in that color and it's lovely. It's not a color I would normally pick or have a place for, so I'm glad it's already here! :)
  • @Ash - I absolutely second lavender!! You would think that it would look like a little girl's room, but I've seen some really stunning rooms done with lavender/purple and black (from Pinterest):





  • I painted my guest-room a denimy-teal and I LOVE it. So versatile and not too feminine or masculine for my guests.
  • I've wanted to paint a room super dark for a long time, but it wasn't practical when we were renting. I just painted our office/guest room Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams and I LOVE it!

  • silkenssilkens New England
    I'd beverly really do it, but glossy lacquered walls...white, black, teal...something....
  • silkenssilkens New England
    Or a kind of low shine silver
  • starbuckstarbuck Louisville, KY
    My most favorite color that we have in our house is one that was one that I was almost too afraid to try because it was bolder than what I would normally do. The color is Benjamin Moore Cedar Green. Despite the name, it is not a forest green, but a really beautifully vibrant spring-like green ( I think it looks better in person than on their site. I love it and get TONS of compliments on it.
  • My mother's formal dining room is absolutely GORGEOUS! It's painted flat black, with white ceiling, and gold leaf crown molding. The room is about 15x15. The carpet is deep red, and the draperies on the one very large window are red damask with little gold fleur de lis (made by my grandmother, a very talented seamstress). The fireplace mantle is white. The walls look like velvet when you are in there, and it is so very warm and intimate, in spite of the huge ceiling. The Victorian house was built in 1901, and the formality of this room is so perfect.

    Ooo!! Just remembered I have photos!! :-D
    (click to enlarge)

    1200 x 1600 - 345K
    1200 x 1600 - 289K
    1200 x 1600 - 252K
    1200 x 1600 - 321K
    1200 x 1600 - 267K
  • @lizaanne - wow! That room is FABULOUS - I love it! What a beautifully designed room!
  • Her whole house is like that - I always tease her that I'm going to get those velvet ropes like at museums to put across the doorways. :-D
  • I'm loving this right now. I'm always terrified to go dark, but I'm a little tempted right now. My MO is usually something light and in the cool blues and greens family. I want to go bold!
  • Just wanted to share a shot of our new Urbane Bronze office - I am soooo in love with this color! (More pictures here)
    urbane bronze office walls.jpg
    500 x 650 - 198K
  • K8e9 said:

    I'm loving this right now. I'm always terrified to go dark, but I'm a little tempted right now. My MO is usually something light and in the cool blues and greens family. I want to go bold!

    If the rest of your house is in that color range, then go a deep true navy!! So stunning and crisp with pops of white, and I always love a little orange in there too. :-)

  • I have a navy blue purse that I love the color of, and matched it to Behr's Starry Night--it is a beautiful dark navy blue. I paired it with white furniture and brushed nickel accents. It's my favorite room.
  • Navy sounds beautiful, @lizaanne. I think it would fit in nicely in our house. Now to find the right one...haha
  • There is a thread here where someone did a navy room, and the color was gorgeous!!! I have a meeting soon, so I can't look for it, but try to do a search. :-)
  • Benjamin Moore Hale Navy. I want it in a bathroom with a big soaking tub, marble basket weave tile on the floor, and a giant bronze gilt mirror.
  • Ok, so I was browsing navy and I accidentally found Retreat by Sherwin-Williams.

    It's not navy, but it's 1000x darker than anything I'm used to.

  • The room that I want to use it in will have white trim, a large white bookcase, this fabric as curtains and this rug.
  • I'm thinking that grayish green is not working with the fabric and the rug. You need to be more on the cool blue side. Your rug is a midnight blue - almost black. And the blues in the fabric are very cool and "blue-y".

    I'd consider something in this family:
  • I might bring the curtains in to a home improvement store to see what paint colors I can find that strike my fancy.

    Does anyone ever fantasize about a bright, warm color? It's been all dark neutrals and cool colors.
  • Cobalt blue - test
    amazing with white, and the floral curtain fabric - the white background will pop against it and the blues will sing harmony.
  • I love dark bedroom is BM's Newburg Green, which is really a navy with a hint of teal in it, and I LOVE it. I have a crush on BM's Hale Navy right now, too. For a guest room, I might go with a really fun bold color like a purple or kelly green or something, too, though.
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