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What home decor trends do you see coming and going?

I know there was a whole discussion about chevron, and ikat to some extent, but I was wondering what you all see coming up as the new trends.....

And what you think of current trends, and how long they may last.

Like quatrefoil seems they are everywhere now (I have some!) so does that mean they are getting too played out? I do like that they are a pattern without being too overwhelming, and they are a nice transition between modern and antique.

However, in terms of rugs at least, I think flat weaves and Kilims are what's next. With Turkish or Native American designs. I've seen a whole southwest and plains Indian design trend in clothes, jewelry, and even tattoos. Native American tattoos are all the rage across instagram right now, where many tattoo artists post their work daily. And i noticed that west elm partnered with an Native American organization to put out some rug designs.

One nice thing about Kilims is that they tend to have a whole bunch of colors in them. Maybe that will lead towards rooms that use more color, rather than being the often standard 3 color rooms we see now (and I totally do this in tons of my rooms)

I guess I also see a trend away from turquoise and teal, but going towards indigo and navy instead. What color trends do you guys see or predict?

And what do you think will happen to the whole restoration hardware pottery barn grey wood and linen look that has been so in?


  • silkenssilkens New England
    I keep on seeing flat weaves all over the place!
  • I think that open shelving in kitchens is going to be a passing fad. I think that once people live with it in a real life situation and see how filthy stuff gets, they are going to go back to closed cupboards.
  • I, personally, am a HUGE turquoise/teal/aqua/mint kinda girl. But I do have a love/hate with seeing it become so popular. Love because I get inspired and see lots of options at different price ranges I can afford to add to my collection, But hate because I dislike thinking of it as a trend or that people are using it to be "on trend." I fear they are going to tire of it and burn out it's availability as it's viewed as just a fad and designers move onto something else.

    I'm protective of my beloved color!
  • Birds.

    I absolutely LOVE birds in decor, and have been doing it long before it was a trend. I hope to see it fade quickly into the lost memory of all so that I can keep my birds and not be trendy, but just clever and stylish. ;-)
  • Gold and navy is a trend I love right now, but definitely trendy and probably won't last a whole lot longer - sadly, I don't even have a house yet and haven't had a chance to use it! haha

  • silkenssilkens New England
    lizaanne said:


    I absolutely LOVE birds in decor, and have been doing it long before it was a trend. I hope to see it fade quickly into the lost memory of all so that I can keep my birds and not be trendy, but just clever and stylish. ;-)

    @lizaanne have you seen the portlandia sketch, put a bird on it?

  • OHMYGOSH - that is freaking hilarious!!! LOL :-D
  • I've been pretty vocal about how eager I am for everyone to get "over" granite countertops.
  • silkenssilkens New England
    I'm kinda glad we bought a house with laminate countertops because I want to go straight to quartz. If I had granite, I would feel dumb upgrading.
  • We've got a half open shelving thing going on in the kitchen. Our cabinets were sorta floating with that awful 'display space' above them w/crown molding in the cabinets. I don't dust the stuff I can easily reach as often as I should- no way I'm climbing up on the counters to dust tops of cabinets. We raised our cabinets almost to the ceiling (8ft ceilings), 4" off, added flat trim to the cabinet to make it look taller. So that made the first shelf in the cabinet at the height the second one had been, and so on. Then we added stainless shelves at the first shelf height. It's where our white everyday stuff is. It gets moved and used often enough, I don't have to worry about dust. It's easy for the kids to get a plate and unload the dishwasher. And easy to grab a plate if my hands are 'kitcheny' since I don't have to open a cabinet. I live them. Everything in the kitchen is pretty classic, simple.
  • Just came back from Turkey and my husband and I fell in love with a ton of Kilims. They are the perfect compromise for us. He would love an antique Persian rug, but I love simple geometric rugs. Well after visiting the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul we are both set on getting a beautiful kilim or 4.
  • Word on the street is Shibori is the new Ikat. My mom and I do a lot of tie-dying and I actually can't wait to try some Shibori techniques.
  • I think that along with the granite stainless steal is on its way out. It is have just become too standard. I think you will start to see a lot more white kitchens with white applicances.

    Not sure if it is a summer thing but I have been seeing a lot of bright yellow around as an accent colour. Also, I predict light woods will be the new thing.
  • cbggcbgg West Coast
    I completely agree that Native American and middle eastern inspired textiles and artwork are going to be big. I also think that we'll see a lot of natural (vs painted) wood come back, and more curvy lines than straight/geometrical shapes.

    I've always loved native artwork, but the middle eastern stuff is a new interest for me. This thread got me thinking about doing a little living room update...hmmm...
  • As per my view Design should be unique , reflective of you and what you enjoy. loving the gold trend!
    prairie curtains pattern
  • Industrial I see is all the rage right now..I must say, I do like it, but putting it in my Victorian house, where the rest of the decor is pretty mid century modern (or will be now that the renovation mess is now subsiding) might not look right...we'll see.

    Oh and if one more person says their house is shabby chic, I might kill myself, I'm so over that phrase, but oddly still like the decor...
  • NavyNannyNavyNanny Charleston, WV
    Ombre. It used to be fresh and new, but now it's all over the place! Nails, hair, walls, furniture. I used to think it was edgy and cool, but now I think it's just overdone and often people do a bad job trying to do it themselves. Perhaps I'm just a hater. :-(
  • silkenssilkens New England
    So it's been a year since I started this thread. I feel like Kilims did get pretty popular. Still seeing lots of quatrefoils.

    So then what do you predict for the coming year?

    Also, has anyone noticed that hgtv magazine only shows one kind of style of stuff and it's always super brightly colored?

    I miss the old domino magazine because everything was always very chic but in very different ways and styles,,
  • I really miss Domino -- what a great magazine that was!! They are now all over Facebook, but you can really tell it's not the same people doing it, the styles are just not the same. :-(
  • Someone above mentioned stainless steel appliances. I don't want to offend anyone so my apologies if I do, but that whole fad has me p-o'd!! All the mags and HGTV shows act as if stainless steel is the bomb and if you don't have it you are so low-end. The young first time home buyers on those shows act as if the house is trashy if there's anything but granite and stainless steel. While I do really like the looks of stainless, what I find refreshing is white appliances. We have white in our kitchen - with icky orangey honey stained oak cabinets. Not ideal, but I really hope to get my cabinets painted soon. But what is classic to me is the white appliance. If I could have a million bucks I might even buy a fun retro colored fridge!! Or I could paint mine and freak my husband out :)

    Anyway, just some thoughts. Such a fun thread to read, though!

  • @candice Do you have pictures of your cabinet transformation? I'm considering doing that very same thing in my house. We hate the wasted space. We're both tall, have no plans to move in the next 20 years or so (so it's not going to hurt resale value), and would love to get rid of the dusty space above the cabinets. We're thinking we will move the current builder-grade, honey-oak cabinets up, paint them, add a shelf below and get all of the crap off of our countertops and onto that shelf. I can't wait until we have time and can afford to move them. Might have to start a blog on the process as I'm sure it'll take a bit!

    @a_rex I hope navy and gold isn't a "trend"! I googled it though, and am now seeing that it became one about the time I switched to it. So sad now. It was just over two years ago that I painted an accent wall navy and have slowly been transitioning the rest of the decor to coordinate. I picked navy before I started seeing it elsewhere, so it makes me cry to think that in five years my house might look like I jumped on a trend and am now "outdated"... :((
  • hst0mhst0m Cincinnati
    kilims are definitely getting popular. Thankful my grandma collected a bunch back in the day so I have one that didn't cost me a thing.

    I'm mostly seeing a lot of DIY trends in the kitchen like concrete counters, open shelving, tuxedo cabinet in kitchens... basically everything YHL did with their kitchen. What came first? the chicken or the egg?

  • Turquoise. Every time I see a piece of furniture "before and after" on Apartment Therapy, it's turquoise. With chevrons. SOOOOO OVER turquoise -- and chevrons.

    Whew ---- I feel better now. :D
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