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Things Your Neighbors Do

Just today, our across-the-street neighbors painted their house a bright orange color. I'm not talking pretty orange, I'm talking make-you-wanna puke orange. Which is ironic since I can see it while I eat my meals. My husband and I have been cracking jokes about it all day which got me thinking, what is something your neighbors have done that drives/drove you insane?

I know this may not be the most positive thread, but sometimes you just need to talk about what drives you crazy. Am I right!?

Turning It Home


  • When mowing their lawn, my neighbor always has the blower pointed towards my new mulch beds. There are so many more weeds in that side than any other of my mulch beds.
  • AshAsh
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    I don't have much to say either way about my neighbors. They're a nice bunch and everyone in the neighborhood more or less takes care of their own.

    Though there is a neighbor who has a hobby sports car. Muffler louder than most airplanes + 8 month old who's a bad napper=MOMMY WRATH.
  • TiaBengtsonTiaBengtson Manchester, CT
    In my town, you need to call 24 hours in advance for any bulk pickup with your trash. My neighbors have a TERRIBLE habbit of putting bulk trash out a couple hours before the trash truck comes, or even AFTER the truck comes, and they always put it inbetween our houses (which happens to be right in front of the porch I drink my morning coffee on). I then get to stare at the trash sitting in front of my house for a week or two before it gets picked up. I always end up getting so fed up that I call the trash company for them to get it picked up. I have told them over and over again that they need to call before trash day, and have also asked them to please not put any bulk/trash out until atleast the day before (or put it in front of their house and not mine) so I do not have to look at it, but with no success. Thankfully it is just a rental so I just try to look forward to the day I will own my own house and no longer be living next to the trash monsters (as I like to refer to their annoying habbit).
  • Our one neighbor hates us for some reason. We live in a condo and my husbands on the condo board and we live in a small cluster of about six homes on top of each other. I see her alot and she never acknowledges us ever. Our cat got out in the snow this past winter and she found her and freaked out as if I had purposely put her outside in a snow storm. That's when it all started! She took a photo of something we did and turned us into the condo group saying board members didn't know the rules and the other day my son said hi to her (as I cringed. He only 2). And she slammed her door and didn't say anything! It's pathetic some people are the way they are!
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    Ah, what stories! I think every neighborhood homes some quirky neighbors, huh?!

    To make matters worse in my neighborhood, the bright orange house now has bright blue shutters and trim... excuse me while I go vomit. ;)

  • This isn't something my neighbors did perse, but their land lady came over last week and trimmed all the volunteer trees out of the little row of bushes between our duplexes. Which was great because it was getting pretty bad. ( I would have done it a looong time ago, but my landlord frowns on me doing landscaping things, which is weird, I know.) Thing is she only trimmed out thier side, and only to the tops of the bushes. Which seems pretty crazy since they are just going to grow again, and if my landlord never gets around to it, there are still going to be these crappy trees growning in the middle of bushes.
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    Ah, what stories! I think every neighborhood homes some quirky neighbors, huh?!

    To make matters worse in my neighborhood, the bright orange house now has bright blue shutters and trim... excuse me while I go vomit. ;)

    There are a couple of brick houses in my neighborhood with bright blue trim. Think regular red brick with best buy blue everywhere. It really makes no sense.
  • @turningithome We have a neighbor who painted their front door and porch columns orange. Also not a nice orange... an orange creamsicle sort of color. Their home is light brown and it just looks really odd to me.

    But hey, there's just no accounting for taste! :)
  • When we rented our last house, the landlords lived right next door. They were both retired, and SUPER clean freaks. I worked days, husband worked nights, so it was hard for us to keep up the grass as much as they wanted us to. We did mow it once a week, but since they had so much more time on their hands, they mowed their grass at least 2x a week.

    Anyway, every time my husband would mow and trim the grass, our landlord would literally follow right behind him and re-trim it better. After he was done, I would sweep the sidewalks and later I would see the landlord's wife out re-sweeping. Oh, to have our own house now!
  • One of our across the street neighbors planted a TON of plants, trees, flowers on their front lawn. It looked very nice when she did it and everything was small. Well, fast forward about 5 years, and the place looks like an overgrown JUNGLE with huge trees, and wild gigantic plants that have grown completely out of control. I guess from the inside of the house it is nice and private, but to those of us who have to look at it on street level, it looks horrible!!

    She since moved out earlier this year, and the people who bought it ripped out some of the stuff, but it still looks completely out of place on our street of very tiny 1950s lots with small ranch and bungalow homes.
  • We built a low "tree house" for the kids in the corner of our fence. The very next week our neighbor cut down the tree which shaded it. Argh.
  • our neighbors are pretty normal [they're big gardeners so I think they look down on us since the interior is my department, not the exterior]. But in their garden they have a trap and regularly trap squirrels. We don't know what happens to them and its weird.
  • Before we bought our first house, we lived in a trailer in a trailer park so we could save up some money. Our neighbor got a new stereo mid-way through our time there and would play music with her bass cranked up HIGH. I couldn't hear the music, but I could hear/feel the bass shaking my whole metal home. I tried multiple times to go over and talk to her and explain the issue, but she ignored me and wouldn't open her door. One time when I was knocking on her door I could hear her baby girl on the other side knocking back at me, but no one opened. Another time when I went to knock on the door I found a DIRTY DIAPER wedged between her front and screen doors. Sometimes my husband says he wishes we had stayed in that trailer longer and saved up even more money before we bought our house ... but ... if we hadn't gotten out of there soon I really think that lady and I would have come to blows!
  • our neighbors are pretty normal [they're big gardeners so I think they look down on us since the interior is my department, not the exterior]. But in their garden they have a trap and regularly trap squirrels. We don't know what happens to them and its weird.

    We have a rental house on one side and the last tenants put a squirrel trap on their roof (underneath a walnut tree) and I hate to say I discovered exactly what happened to them =(( when we were leaving for work one morning. I heard a sound and movement out of the corner of my eye and looked over to see a squirrel thrashing around in a snare until it slowly ceased to struggle and went limp. If you knew me, you would know I am a vegetarian and all around "soft touch" as my MIL calls me. This broke my heart. And then over the next week 6 MORE met similar ends. :((

    Never liked those neighbors after that. Their replacements moved in last week and gave their 3 year-old an air horn on the second day of living there and didn't stop him from coming into our front yard to pee on our very young tree. I hate them already. :-q
  • Our neighbours are pretty good but getting used to living in a basement flat after living in a bungalow with garden driveway etc is pretty hard. We're used to it now but for the first few weeks the sound of people walking around above us and on either side seemed really loud!

    The only quibble we ever had was our last neighbours used to feed our cats, one was on a special diet and not allowed dried food as it made her poorly and they persisted feeding her dry food even after I told them this. I caught him with his arm through our fence trying to get one of our cats to take a treat from him. Now our cats are in no way underfed (if anything they are fat!) and they already have 2 cats that did not start out as theirs and have just 'come to live with them' from various houses in the neighbourhood so I really did not want them to make a habit of feeding them. The woman even admitted that she let one of them into their house in the day 'because we left them outside all day' although I told her that we had a cat door and they could go back in whenever they wanted, she couldn't see why I was angry with her! We moved before it got really ugly, but if we hadn't ended up moving I don't know how I would have stopped them!
  • Our new neighbors have their parents (who are my grandparent's age) visit almost every weekend. This in itself isn't bad, but they park their GIANT, ugly, as-tall-as-the-house, motor home right outside my kitchen window between the houses for days on end. We just put in a fence so at least they stay on their property now, but 6 feet of coverage only helps so much.

    Other than that, we have great neighbors. I count myself lucky!
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    My neighbor burns leaves next to OUR fence....a good 30 feet from HIS house. Drives me crazy! He somehow has leaves to burn in all 4 seasons too.

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress
  • We're renting and our house shares a yard with the neighbours. We have two small dogs and the neighbours threw a fit about them being on the lawn. They continuously called our landlords so we had to stop the dogs from going outside. So stupid!

    Luckily we're moving in a couple weeks...
  • Before we moved out of our rental home and back into a downtown apartment, we had some crazy neighbors. I live in Louisiana which, as anyone who lives here can tell you, is full of smokers. So the boyfriend and I had a flower pot full of sand on the back porch for our friends that smoked for when we had barbecues or just had friends over. Then we caught one of our neighbors SMOKING THE BUTTS! As in pulling them out of the sand, shaking them off, and re-lighting them. I almost threw up.

    The same woman that did this also had a HORRIBLE yippy little dog (half dachshund, half chihuahua) that would have been completely adorable if it didn't take care of it's 'business' in our yard. Naturally, crazy lady didn't clean up after it. Also, the since the dog 'marked' our yard everyday, if he ever saw us out in the yard he would bark like crazy until he was horse. I felt bad about that, but we repeatedly knocked on her door to try and get her to let him in so he could calm down and she just said 'he's fine. just ignore it'.

    Thank GOD we moved. She was just ONE of the several crazy neighbors in the house-turned-4-apartments next door.

    Tip to renters - if the house next door looks even a little sketch, think very hard about renting elsewhere. Loving the house you rent is not always enough if the neighbors/neighborhood makes you loony.
  • I had HORRIBLE neighbors when I moved into my house. It started with the older parents who lived in the home. They had a tiny little yippie dog that they would leave out on the blasting cold of winter for days. Only a crack in the garage for him to get out of the weather, but in Michigan that's not much. This dog barked CONSTANTLY - day-and-night!!!! I called animal control a number of times, but they would only take the poor beast in for a short time, then it was back to "normal".

    Then the parents moved out, and their son and his family moved in. Two teenagers, his wife, and a bigger dog. They did not like the dog going potty in the grass, so they trained it to go on the driveway so they could just hose it away. Well, that is not a great plan in the winter when everything freezes. Their driveway became a frozen mass of disgustingness.

    Again -- they allowed the dog to bark incessantly. Day-and-night. Right under my second floor bedroom window.

    I would call the police, the police would come, and when they left this guy would stand under my bedroom window and scream obscenities at me, call me names, threaten me, etc. I called the police again, and they said that they could come back and talk to him again, but not much else they could do unless I wanted to go to court and get a protection order. He claimed to know someone at the police department, and he knew when I called them. I was alone and single, and the intimidation was tremendous.

    He would also yell and scream horrible things at his wife and kids - I could go on and on....

    It was living hell for at least three years. Then they finally lost their home due to foreclosure and moved away. It was the happiest day to see that moving van in that driveway. Now the entire neighborhood is blissfully quiet.
  • We have two dogs and live in a very dog friendly neighborhood. When our dogs are outside I always listen for them and bring them in if they start barking a bunch. I can't stand the thought that they are ruining someone's daily walk, morning coffee, or just being a nuisance. I have a problem with expecting others to be as courteous as I try to be and get so annoyed when my neighbors are home but their dogs are barking incessantly. How can they just turn a blind ear to it?

    One night only about a month after we bought the house, our neighbors big old dog was barking like mad at 4 am. My husband almost lost it! Now we have been there a year and it hasn't happened again, it was an isolated incident thank goodness!

    I also get annoyed that we have lower energy breeds but still take them for walks and play in the yard. On each side of us we have a beagle, a boxer, and a standard poodle and none of them ever get a walk or time outside of the house. I feel so sorry for them! Of course they bark, they are so bored!

    Thankfully, we really love the neighbors and absolutely adore the dogs on either side of us... I just wish people would be more courteous and I am not the type of person to go knock on the door and tell someone to mind their pet or that they need to walk the dogs.

    The house across the street from us was a rental and the family that was living there was obviously having a tough time financially. It was an older couple with their 20 year old daughter, her dead beat husband, and their baby. The older man ran some sort of scrap metal business or something and every day there was a truck with old bicycles, washers, etc. sitting in the road directly across from us. It honestly never really bothered me but my husband said it made the whole neighborhood look junky. Times like that I sort of wish we lived in an HOA! Luckily they moved and now I think the owners are going to try to sell it. Fingers crossed!
  • Ugh, our neighbors have a beagle that they leave inside all day, and it bays constantly.
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