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Our Rental Bathroom Makeovers- Before and After

image imageAfter living in our home for 1.5 years, I finally got our bathrooms to a place that makes me smile! The makeovers were done on a major budget. I frosted the windows for less than $5. I made a custom size rug for $7. Don't you think it's a fun challenge to decorate on a budget?! You can see more at my blog, RICE Designs!


  • You guys are so kind! Thanks for all your sweet comments.
  • I love the shelves!
  • Looks great. Did you change the layout of toilet? I'm having a hard time orienting the new with the old.
  • I love the shelving unit in the second bathroom. Where is that from? I'm wanting to do something similar in my bathroom.
  • Amazing! I love the shelves over the toilet in the second bathroom!!
  • Yes, where are the shelves From and how did you frost the windows for only $5???
  • It looks GREAT! That rug...I die. Wonderful job!
  • that is super put together! nice
  • Thank you!

    @ginny no layout change.. it might just be the angle that makes it look different!

    @JustJen thanks! it's from Ikea

    @mbpbc the shelves are from Ikea and I used Rustoleum Frosted Glass spray.. I wrote all about it on the blog!
  • Oh I love those shelves!! Nice job!
  • Love that shower curtain! Where did you get it?
  • Super cute shelves! Styling shelves is so hard for me!
  • I love the look of the shelves, especially with the rustic style baskets. It inspires me to work on our rental bathroom (my next project!)
  • Looks good! I love those shelves!
  • The makeover looks great! Those shelves are fantastic!
  • I've been looking for ideas for how to store toiletries/lotions/soap bottles, etc -- love the shelves.
  • I like the muted colour palette you chose - it lets the rug stand out. And I'm always surprised by how much a white shower curtain can brighten up a space... Looks really great!
  • Thank you so much everyone! You're all so kind and encouraging! @PostGrad the shower curtain is from Target a couple years ago. It was their inexpensive brand RE (Room Essentials). I haven't seen this plain white curtain there recently, though. I've only seen a more waffle weave one!
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