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Geek Chic Styled Office Shelves

I finally finished styling our office shelves over the weekend and have successfully blended the geek (my boyfriend) with the chic (me)!


A little backstory: my boyfriend is a gamer. He buys collector's editions of video games which come with limited edition items like statues, art books, and other miscellaneous collectible things.


Sometimes I feel like his stuff isn't represented as much around our house as my stuff is so I wanted to style the shelves with a mix of our things.


I wanted each shelf to have a combination of our things on it and I wanted the shelves as a whole to have a happy balance of both of our personalities:


I think I pulled it off, what do you think? You can see more styling photos on my blog!


  • Caitlin,
    I think I have commented every time I've seen this post across the web. You are too good with your styling.
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