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Geek Chic Styled Office Shelves

I finally finished styling our office shelves over the weekend and have successfully blended the geek (my boyfriend) with the chic (me)!


A little backstory: my boyfriend is a gamer. He buys collector's editions of video games which come with limited edition items like statues, art books, and other miscellaneous collectible things.


Sometimes I feel like his stuff isn't represented as much around our house as my stuff is so I wanted to style the shelves with a mix of our things.


I wanted each shelf to have a combination of our things on it and I wanted the shelves as a whole to have a happy balance of both of our personalities:


I think I pulled it off, what do you think? You can see more styling photos on my blog!


  • livelylivlivelyliv East Coast, USA
    It looks AMAZING!
  • Love love love! We just bought this shelving too and I love styling them. I love tht you painted it too!
  • You rocked it! Great job! I have two empty floor-to-ceiling built ins that I am too intimidated to style :( I like that yours are personal and really well balanced!
  • Thanks everyone!

    @JessieAnnArbor – don't be intimidated! Start small and work in sections so you don't get overwhelmed. Also, you don't have to fill them completely! Use what you have now and add to the shelves over time :)
  • Wow you did such a great job! My boyfriend is also a computer/sports nerd and I often feel like he might be left out of the decorating process - I'm totally using this as inspiration! :)

  • SammiSammi
    Looks incredible - I really struggle with shelf styling, you've nailed it.
  • Love your styling. The blue is a great choice for the shelves. I also like your art above the chair. Did you make this?
  • Thank you @LauraB! I got the art above the chair from West Elm. It's discontinued now but there are several tutorials floating around the blogosphere that explain how you can make a piece of your own. Bliss at Home's tutorial is great:
  • Caitlin,
    I think I have commented every time I've seen this post across the web. You are too good with your styling.
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