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Dollhouse Inspired by Clara's

ChrisPChrisP Poughkeepsie, New York
edited July 2013 in Look What I Did
My husband and I completed a built in dollhouse for my daughter Eevie's second birthday back in April. She had an odd cubby in her room so we decided to do a built in dollhouse inspired by Clara's dollhouse and a few other images I found. Hubby built the frame to fit into the cubby and did all the wiring. We found a lot of the furniture on ebay and modified and repainted it with an airbrush to look more modern. Some of the other furniture came from various miniature websites or Hobby Lobby. The dolls are from Once Upon A Treehouse. I made the bedding, flower arrangements, plants and artwork. The rugs were created from fabric samples. It was a labor of love and she adores it.
dollhouse and eevie easter 100.JPG
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dollhouse 139.JPG
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dollhouse 135.JPG
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dollhouse 2 001.JPG
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dollhouse and eevie easter 096.JPG
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dollhouse and eevie easter 097.JPG
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dollhouse 141.JPG
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dollhouse and eevie easter 112.JPG
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dollhouse 160.JPG
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dollhouse and eevie easter 131.JPG
3072 x 2304 - 1M


  • This is unbelievable amazing with all of the attention to detail and the electricity on top of it! What a blessed little girl and such talented and creative parents!
  • This is incredible! I would love to create something like this for my son. I know he'd adore it. I better get on it though as he's already 4! :D
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