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Our Baby Boy's Aqua, Orange, & Grey Nursery

DelightfullynotedDelightfullynoted Illionois
edited August 2013 in Look What I Did
Hi Everyone! Finally, after 6 years in our home I can finally say 1 room is "completed"! We {meaning it was my vision & I just bossed the hubby around} worked on this nursery slowly over the course of about four months and completed it 48 hours before our little man was born. My main goal for the nursery was to create something that was bright and whimsical but not too "babyish", that way he can grow into it. I love DIY projects, like the thrift store chandelier we made over, and made sure to include those in the nursery when ever possible. This room truly was a labor of love!
3265 x 4898 - 4M
3456 x 5184 - 6M
3456 x 5184 - 5M
2205 x 4080 - 3M
3456 x 5184 - 6M
3358 x 4202 - 4M
481 x 640 - 63K
5184 x 3456 - 6M


  • @bex pin away, I allow it;)
  • This is gorgeous! What is the name of the paint color?
    Oh and congrats on your baby!! Has he been born yet?
  • @lovekismet Thank you! The paint colors are by Benjamin Moore. The grey is called Grey Owl and the white is Dove White. And yes, our little man was born July 11th. Can't believe he's already 2 months!
  • Love it!! So many great details. :D
  • Very cute!! :) We are doing our nursery now...having a little girl though. If we were having a boy I wanted to do aqua and orange too. :)
  • Congrats @brittneybriscoe Good luck on your nursery!
  • Gorgeous!! I love all of the details & the ways you tied in all of the colors over & over. Very well thought out! Great job!!
  • MargauxMargaux California
    Love how bright it all looks and how everything is so well organized (I'm an organizing freak!). Great job Mama! Lots of great memories to be made in your new space.
  • Thank you so much @margaux
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