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Fab Freebie Bonus Question: Teaching Tools

What's one tool you wish you were more proficient with? Have you never taken a miter saw for a spin and are eager to try it? Do you barely get by with your nail gun and would love a few pointers? Or maybe you feel like you've yet to unlock the true potential of your wrench set?


  • I know I need to use the miter saw to finish the quarter-round in the living room, but I'm clueless. It's been two years since we refinished the floors.
  • JLeapsJLeaps Dayton, OH
    Sounds crazy, but I hope I can be proficient with a paint spray gun! We're moving next month to a new home and we have to paint ALL the kitchen cabinets, doors, and trim (and walls which are paneled with THICKLY groved wood paneling). We'll be removing all the flooring first. I was inspired by your post on spraying your upstairs trim and doors to do ours the same way before we lay the new flooring. I'm a little overwhelmed by all of the projects to tackle. I am hoping a spray gun will definitely speed up some of the tedious painting so we can move on to other projects more quickly.
  • I would like to be more proficient with a coping saw. I'm replacing all of the base molding in my house (at a snail's pace) and my results don't come close to what I see in the youtube videos I've watched. Guess it just takes time to perfect the skill!
  • sedbaughsedbaugh Jonesboro, AR
    A spray gun! I have painted for years, but my two experiences with spray guns have been less than stellar.
  • howdeehowdee woodstock, GA
    Same here, a paint sprayer

  • My drill would be easier to use if I had the proper extensions for it.
  • I would love to be more proficient with the miter saw. I don't have one at the moment and would love to use one for so many projects!
  • I have a Dremel tool (we got it for grinding the dogs' nails) and I would love to learn more about how to use it for household projects!
  • Definitely a saw - I think if I were more proficient, the possibilities would be endless!
  • I haven't had much experience with tools, but I am excited to become more proficient with an electric drill. Seems simple, but it's intimidating to me so I'd like to have the skills for the drills!
  • I'd like to get more proficient with a circular saw. My brother can do quick, straight, clean cuts and mine are a mess.

  • nctwilanctwila Charlotte
    Miter Saw!! I took up the carpet in my living room to expose the hardwoods & have never put the quarter round down ;-(
  • I wish I would be more proficient with a saw...any saw! I'm not good in cutting straigh lines :-(
  • AnaAna New York
    Definitely my nail gun... Got it for my birthday and... I'm afraid to use it! The compressor freaks me out.
  • I bought my husband a compound miter saw for fathers day and I have to say I'm itching to use it myself. I think I might be a complete DIY nerd and ask for a nail gun for my birthday :D
  • Can I say two that go together?? Miter saw & nail gun! So many projects that would be simplified if I was a rockstar with those!
  • I really need to figure out a miter saw.
  • khawkkhawk Washington DC
    An electric drill :) Baby steps.
  • beckweedbeckweed cincinnati
    I think electric power tool a little scary, but I'd like to know how to use the compound miter saw. I dream of adding a ton of molding to my plain rooms.
  • smashleysmashley Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    I would love to learn how to use a table saw. It's just so big and scary! But I feel can be very useful!
  • miter saw or paint gun for me. we are house hunting so we have lived in rentals for 13 years--moved 17 times, so haven't had much stability to feel a lot of diy was worth the effort.
  • I would love to know how to work a drill! I have just about "mastered" my kitchen skillet and think that a new hability would greatly improve my life as a single homeowner!
  • icyvicyv Sacramento
    Reciprocating saw. I bought one a couple months ago and have yet to try it out. I know I'll be careful with it but a fear of cutting off an appendage keeps it in the box.
  • I wish I was handy with any tool--but my husband is a pretty good handyman. But I think I would love to learn how to use any type of saw.
  • definitely want a mitre saw so we can get our little hands trying it out!
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