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White walls with white trim

I'd like to paint our guest room white, along with white trim, adding color with pillows, curtains, throws and art. My question is, should I paint the walls and trim the same color white, but with a matte wall and gloss trim? Or two different color whites? I freeze when I think of what color to paint the walls so I decide on white, but even white isn't that simple. And also, what's common when it comes to finishes? What finish goes where? Thanks for any input!


  • Glossy or semi-gloss on the trim, but maybe not matte on the walls. That's too hard to wipe off, especially when they're white. Try eggshell.
  • What about a super pale grey or tan just to have a tiny bit of contrast? I always find truly all white rooms pretty harsh, even when they are full of fun pops of color. They just never seem warm to me.
  • There are whites with every background shade imaginable--yellow, gray, blue, pink...I'd go with a neutral white in semigloss for the trim, and an eggshell/satin for the wall. But, I'd choose a wall white that had the background color of whatever color you want to decorate with.
  • Crazy how many whites there are, lol. Our Kitchen has off the shelf white beadboard and trim in semigloss, with a very light white/ecru in eggshell on the walls, and our ceiling is a white with a gray/brown tone to it. It looks really good, but when I first painted it my husband thought I was crazy. Now there is lots of color in it with a bench in colorado gray, and the pocket door in sesame :)
  • We recently painted the main living areas of our house a white satin. The color is similar to the trim color but not exactly a match but it is hard to see the difference. My husband thought he would hate the white walls/white trim but we both love it. It makes the room look much larger and "happy".

  • juliejmjuliejm Madison, WI
    Thank you for your ideas!
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