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Almost 3 year old boy room... Color help!!

My son is about to turn 3... We just moved into this house (well, in May) and I am going to paint his room soon... Only not sure what to paint it!! Wanted to do a blue, but don't know what one to pick that's not too dark or too baby like.

Here is a link to his bedding (granted, his sheets change) an the pattern on the comforter is used on his curtains, too (repurposed shower curtains). The other side, as you can just make out, has multicolored polka dots. Please help pick a room color! I promised him and myself it would be finished before his birthday but just can't find a color I love!,10&swHighlightThickness=1&swBorderThickness=0&itemTitle=Circo&reg&#x3b;+ABC+Bed+Set+-+Blue+(Toddler)&omniImageCount=1

Woah, that's long. If it helps, he has wood frame for his bed and 2 wood dressers. And lots of toys. Haha. Thank you!!!


  • Cute bedding :) so, in my experience I have had a tough time with painting boy rooms! We had a green nursery, then when our first was 1-2 yrs. old we wanted a boyish blue so I know that it is hard to find something not too pastel. We ended up not loving the blue after another year or two and now we have their rooms (three boys and 4 colors later) BM stardust and silver fox which I absolutely love! I think it would go nicely with the colors in the bedding - the cat, owl, fox - and he could grow into it more than a blue. In a few years when you want new bedding it will be neutral enough that you won't have to repaint! Sorry I have no blues to suggest!
  • No, I totally am with you on that one. I've been pouring over blues and can't find one that's not too little baby or too dark... The brighter ones I like, but just wouldn't go with his bedding. I know it's just target stuff, but we like it (he loves animals an letters) and why mess with it.

    I was also thinking something like abracadabra by BM. use the orange and blue accents, as they recommend, because they go with the colors in the bedding anyway. Plus, for whatever reason,I wanted to et an orange rug anyway... And eventually his closet will lose its doors and be painted darker blue/white stripes. BUT I'm afraid my whole house is going to be gray. Haha ...

    My living room/dining room is moonshine... I'm (not for probably6 months or so) going to paint cabinets with a gray for the bottoms in the kitchen.... Originally had wanted my bedroom gray, but will probably do a bluey/gray now... And we have a ranch so bedrooms on the first floor... Blah blah.

    Let me know your thoughts... Too much gray? Looking into silver fox now! Thanks!!!
  • If you're not committed to blue, check out what @Delightfullynoted did for her boy in this post:

    The accent colors are in that adorable bedding you have and I think it could look really good!
  • I saw and loved that nursery. Not sure I'm that talented, though! :)
  • I was awed by her talent as well! But, you could go with the same light gray on the walls and then use the colors in the bedding for accent pieces since, based on her room those colors all look amazing together!

  • Yeah! I was thinking thr same... I think I'm looking at abracadabra , linked above, with the recommended colors... Old blue jeans and pumpkin pie. Basically, a deeper version of her palette. But yes, liking the idea!! I was afraid of a too gray house, but it'll be better than a weird blue that I can't get right, right!? Also, @greeninoc, don't you have moonshine walls? What other colors did you use in your house? To be snoopy and hopefully snag some ideas!
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    The abracadabra is beautiful!

    Well, I've seriously got about 16 different colors in my less than 900 square foot house!! I have a bunch of weird angles and really high ceilings so I chose 7 different blues on the way up my stairs (each "wall", meaning every time there's an angle change) has a different color or a change in percentage of all the same color family.

    My ceilings, other walls, kitchen and bedroom are all from the same color palette in green. My bedroom has 3 colors of green - 2 colors on an accent wall and then a complimentary color on the rest of the walls.

    It sounds like a circus and I'm sure some people think it is, but it I like it!

    The first picture is my bedroom and you can see 3 different colors and the second is my living room looking out over the stairs and you there is one green wall and 4 different blues. By the way, I know my couch looks ridiculous - I'm trying to protect it from dirt from the dog and the claws of my cat!!
    1536 x 2048 - 2M
    1536 x 2048 - 2M
  • I'm right, though, right? You painted your house moonshine? Or am I mixing you up?? And omg, love the argyle ish diamonds! So cool! Did you do them? HOW!?
  • No, no moonshine here.

    I did them in the sense that I paid the painter to do it! Unfortunately, there was lots of math! He first painted the whole wall one color and taped up paper harlequins over the wall and painted again so that when he took off the paper, magic!!
  • I like a chambray blue - like
    if you had tons of light, or wanted to do a stencil on top / some of those terrific letters -

    the abracadabra is pretty if that is what you chose and went with - just catching up
  • Haven't chosen, officially. Not a ton of light- 2 windows on the corner right next to each other. I'll check out the blue recommendation. Thanks! Was wondering where you were! Lol
  • This isn't a great pic, but we did a very dark blue on the bottom, a white/cream on top, and then an awesome green stripe at chair rail height. The stripe actually covers a border we had put up in his nursery and were too lazy to peel off! The mix of green/blue and a white color gives us lots of decorating options down the road I think.
    rain gutter bookshelf.jpg
    1222 x 1630 - 604K
  • OoOOhhH! Thinking outside the box, I like it! Great way to mix little and big boy!! You've got me thinking, @marneyjt! Thanks for sharing... But how did you manage such a good line... Straight crisp... Just level and frog tape? Thanks!
  • Yup, just tape. It was easy to follow the line because we had already had a border up. I think when we did the original border we used a level to draw the line and marked with pencil. I'll take a few more pics later for you!
  • Please do! Thinking of snagging this idea- husband loved it. Maybe a gray for the middle line.

    To be particularly nosey, a forte of mine, what colors did you use for blue and cream?

  • SiobhanSiobhan Louisville, KY
    Wythe blue (BM) is a lovely not too blue color. It's similar to what we chose for my son's nursery. We are doing something very similar to this for his room now (he's 4)

    It's gray, which we are sticking with because he wants superheros and I'm trying to tone it down a little. But you could do blue as the primary color and add a few accent colors.
  • Oh! As I scrolled down that post, I kept saying, oh this is my favorite, no this is, no this is. Great room! Pallet bookshelves, gallery wall for kids, collected awesomeness on walls. Great room, great dressers!! Thanks for sharing inspiration.

    I am considering a half n half room, like @marneyjt shared and suggested. @siobhan, what gray are you choosing, I'd love to know! I am drawn to gray, but I'm thinking gray (like a warmer gray) or a gray/blue for our room, plus our living room is moonshine,so I don't want too gray of a house (one story ranch... Plus basement, but bedrooms are right off of thr LR)... So one goes gray, the other doesn't. Ya dig? ;)

    Suggestions solicited! Boss me around!
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    The accent wall with stripes works there because of the layout -let's assume that would be super for you or that you might use the palette inspired by it in a different way - I came up with some ideas for his room you might be able to use.

    What if you started with a wall background that was a really soft pretty blue-green (instantly tying the room to the house color story) - i'm thinking of palladian blue

    I'm usually the queen of caution when it comes to mixing straight blues (like the bedding) with blue-green but at the pale end of the spectrum it totally works.

    Then, stripe an accent wall with dark blue (van duesen blue?or to pull in the bedding labrador blue!) and a trim white and even skinny tangerine - if you head toward the orange juice oranges for the wall accent - see they will work with the soft blue-green base just fine.

    Then other orange accents that you wanted to use in his space will build on the color story / make sense without precisely matching - or you could use this color to paint a piece of furniture.

    If I have suggested this before and it isn't your thing, ok. But thought in this context with rugby stripes making an accent wall masculine that the dreamy blue-green base might work for you.

  • SiobhanSiobhan Louisville, KY
    @anniebrodysmom, I'm a little worried about going too gray in our house as well. My family room is super dark so we're painting it moonshine, my foyer will be Revere Pewter, which extends to the upstairs hallway (although that one is not super gray, it's similar to Edgecomb, much more of a greige). I am thinking Stonington Gray for my son's bedroom. I haven't put the sample up on the walls in his room yet but I think it's a nice gray with some blue undertones that I think will play nicely with the navy blues and bright reds/yellows that come with superhero decor. I have always loved the gray/yellow color combo so I have considered gray for our master as well but again, I am afraid of too much gray. I'll just have to see if all the other rooms will break it up enough. I want all the rooms to flow, but not feel the same.

    Anyway, that was a really rambling post to say "I'm thinking Stonington Gray" ;)
  • I think an accent wall would work really well with that bedding. Say a medium hunter green on the wall behind the bed and the rest of the room a few shades lighter in the same green? Blue is a bit more difficult to get right.

    Check out the Pottery Barn Kids collection at Sherwin Williams:

    I love the Spinach White and Blue Horizon.

    Another idea... he is 3 years old... maybe he can help choose the color? It might not be perfect from a decorating standpoint but, I mean, come on... it's a 3 year old's room so you can't really go wrong :)
  • Ha, yes, he could help, except he changes his mind, too. If it were up to him, he'd have a blue, yellow, green, pink and purple room. Haha. Plus, he has a speech delay and a few other things going on, so we're working on trying to find the best room for him to keep him and his brain happy. He's super smart (I'm sure all moms say that, but he has test results to prove it, lol) but I want to create a fun but not super over stimulating environment for him, too. Hmm. I know this doesn't answer anything, but just giving you the full picture. Thanks for all the feedback!
  • @marneyjt, any word on paint colors.... Or, everyone, any thoughts on "right" blue and the creamy color for bottom and top, respectively? Would it be weird to only do 2 colors, without pseudo chair rail? Or should I use a gray to pull in gray bedding dots and grays in house? Or no go wth creamy top?

    This is, hopefully, a labor day project, but would love to start before.... Kitchen s making progress and need this off my list, too, so I can keep goal of both at least mostly done by 9/14... Kitchen cabinets prob won't be done yet, but walls, (trim, ceiling), table and backsplash should be! Phew!

    Thanks, all!
  • @craftyjen, I hadn't checked the link yet. What an AWESOME example room. I need those giant letters!!!
  • Ok, this first pictures basically what I was wanting all along. Thoughts on what color blue that is?? And where I get that sweet orange shelf? Reminds me of Ikea's expedit, but can't find an orange one!!, help! It's on the list for the weekend...
  • I remember reading a long time ago that gray and maroon are supposed to be the best colors for concentration. The bedding is a little busy so if you are going for a calm room you may want to revisit! Then again, I could totally see a really nice gray with a hint of blue or green working well without being too feminine. Sherwin Williams "Aloof Gray" is really nice, and you can play up the other colors with pops of art around the room. Maybe some fun yellow and white striped curtains? Just an idea!
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