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Fab Freebie Bonus Question: Insta-nt Attraction

What do you take more photos of now that there are cellphone cameras and apps like instagram? Do you find yourself repeatedly taking pictures of the dog? Your flowers? Random everyday moments? Silly selfies?


  • robinvernonrobinvernon Tallahassee, FL
    Mine are almost completely my food and workouts......try to use it for motivations (IE, I didn't take a picture of the whole bag of twizzlers I ate yesterday
  • My dog and my son. I don't even use an actual camera anymore I do everything from my phone!
  • I probably take more photos of food than anything else... apparently my profession bleeds into my personal enjoyment (<-- dietitian by trade)!
  • My dog, My daughter, and stupid everyday life things that crack me up.
  • wvkcwvkc Chicago, IL
    There are roughly 350 pictures of my pit mix on my iPhone. Oh, goodness.
  • My children occupy about 98.3% of my camera gallery.

    Turning It Home
  • My dogs! For sure--they're family, afterall!
  • I take tons of close ups of flowers , water, clouds, etc. I hate the way I look in selfies, but that is a favorite thing of my daughter. (She's 13)
  • BonnieCBonnieC San Francisco
    the everyday food I cook
  • I take a ton of pictures of the veggies in my vegetable garden!
  • CoonhoundB3ttyCoonhoundB3tty White Lake, MI
    Most of the time, it's either my 3yo daughter or my 5yo hound :D My dog is awesome about taking pictures, she always poses, but my daughter hides when I say 'cheese!'
  • LBlitzerLBlitzer Dallas, TX
    my instagram is about 75% dog pictures, and 25% house projects -- we just moved in, so I've been sharing the results of our many changes.
  • AndyKNAndyKN Coeur d'Alene, ID
    Definitely my dog, it's a little sad. Hi, My name is Andrea and I have a problem...
  • My dog, my garden, and the sky occupy about 80%. The other 20% are projects, food and the occassional adult beverage I'm drinking that looks delicious.
  • miche2911miche2911 Smyrna, GA
    Kids and food. Occasionally some scenery or landscapes, but most of my time is apparently spent with my kids and/or keeping them alive with food. ;)
  • i take pictures of everything.. just depends if i have my camera handy! camera phones and digital cameras make taking pictures easy peasy. unlike the old days when we used 35mm film cameras.. i was very reluctant to take lots of pictures because it cost so much to develop the film. and-- there was only 24-27 shots per roll of film... so didn't do too much photo taking back then.
  • I like to take pictures of my food, and workout progress pictures.
  • My best friends' kiddos take up 75% of my photo space on my phone. Hey, while I don't have any of my own yet, they are just as good! =)
  • Okay, smile. Nope. Smile again. Darn. Smile now.....doh! Lots and lots of kids stuff with an occasional arty spark.
  • loveamandaloveamanda Fayetteville, AR
    My instagram is full of everyday happenings, and my (wanna-be) craftiness!
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