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Movie/TV show homes that you love...

I love noticing the decor and furniture in movies and TV shows. Some are so fabulous! What are some favorites that have inspired you in your decor? Or that you just love and feast on as eye candy?

I've started watching the show Upstairs and Downstairs (British show that takes place in the 30's). The colors on the walls are absolutely delicious!!! Inspiring me for some future decorating.

Another movie home that I love is the the home in "Something's Gotta Give". It's a little too vanilla for me but I love it and could watch the movie just to look at that house.

Anyone else?


  • I love Emily Thorne's house on the TV show Revenge. It's beachy and relaxed, but not too theme-y.
  • I love the house in the Disney show Good Luck Charlie
  • I was going to say the same about Good Luck Charlie... such a cute home!
  • Father of the Bride! My husband and I both love that house. (sigh)
  • mpd227mpd227 Philadephia
    the guest house that katherine hiegl lives in in knocked up! (the main house is nice too)
  • I am obsessed with the couch on New Girl!
  • Courtney Cox's house in Cougartown! I never knew how much I love a pink couch.
  • I love the house in Last Man Standing. It doesn't feel showy or fancy or anything. It just looks like home.
  • The farm house in Marley and Me in Pennsylvania... sigh
  • Love the homes in Parenthood...especially Adam & Christina's and the parents' house. Their outside space is amazing also!
  • I love seeing the transformation of the house in It's a Wonderful Life from the broken-down wreck Mary temporarily fixes up for her honeymoon night with George—travel posters, a chicken roasting in the fireplace, a beautifully set table, a made-up bed, even while most of the windows are broken—to the lovely home it becomes years later. But there's something about that first night that's so sweet and cozy. (Also love how the knob on top of the newel post never gets fixed!)
  • Even though it's so outdated now, I still love the house from Home Alone! I love the exterior, the floor plan, how all the decor was so Christmas-y, everything!
  • Courtney said:

    I am obsessed with the couch on New Girl!

    forget just the couch, I am in love with that ENTIRE apartment! I mean, sliding industrial doors, a freaking stall bathroom with urinals, that AWESOME little kitchen. I'm swooning over here! But yes, the couch is fabulous.
  • also, Jennifer aniston and ben affleck's apartment in "he's just not that into you" and the glass house in "the lake house". Haha sorry I like movie homes. I wish I could get a pro to come style my loft for me and make it feel like an amazing movie set!
  • harlieharlie SF Bay Area, CA
    Meryl Streep's house from the movie "It's Complicated". The open kitchen/dining/living room area and the gallery hall off the courtyard in particular just made me drool. While I was watching the dvd with my husband, I kept punching his arm and saying, "Like that! We need a house just like that!"
  • em76em76 maryland
    I also love the houses on Parenthood, but I am partial to Julia Braverman's house. I love the modern, airy style, but that it also looks like kids live there.
  • There are two houses I am obsessed with! The first is the home of the villains in Hitchcock's North by Northwest..../>

    Omg, one of my all-time favorite movies! And yes, love that house.
  • LaurenRheaLaurenRhea Austin, Texas
    Christy said:

    There are two houses I am obsessed with! The first is the home of the villains in Hitchcock's North by Northwest..../>

    Omg, one of my all-time favorite movies! And yes, love that house.
    I'm sad that it never really existed! The exterior was just a matte painting!

  • The house and garden from Practical Magic! I'm obsessed!!
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