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Fab Freebie: Can I Quote You On That?

This week's giveaway is for some free paint and some wall decals, but it got me wondering if you guys have a favorite wall of your house. I know it sounds weird, but I loved the wall in our last house's guest room that framed a gorgeous view of my favorite maple tree outside. And in our current house my favorite wall is in the foyer because we finally have sidelights and I've always loved those. Anyone else playing favorites when it comes to a wall in their home?


  • I love my super duper high, angled painted geometrics stair wall. That wall was the bane of my existence for nearly 10 years until the issued was solved by making the wall the art so I think it gets extra points because it started so low!!
  • I recently painted my kitchen and finally got rid of the ugly blue color and took down useless cabinets in my dining nook so I am totally in love with the big wall surrounded by windows. And it's still a blank canvas so any art would improve it.
  • My favorite wall is my living room wall, which I painted red and soon will be putting in crown molding. I also installed a shelf over the tv and some round decoration thingies, but soon I will be replacing them with a white frame wall! ( See it here: )
  • It's definitely my family room. It has a wall of windows that I recently covered with my own no-sew curtains made of outdoor fabric (thanks for the idea, guys!). And today (no joke, just a few hours ago), I added framed photos from PicPlum. Love it!
  • We have a hallway wall going into the kitchen. One side is a closet, the other side a plain wall. We painted it with magnetic paint, then used smart tile to cordon it off into 3 sections. One section is chalkboard, one is whiteboard and the top part is to hang art. Certainly stopped my child from drawing on the walls and floors.

  • Amy_A_New_Old_HouseAmy_A_New_Old_House
    Right now my favorite wall is in the family room. It has the fireplace and built in shelves on each side, with windows that look out to our field (and has an awesome sunrise view). Although, the shelves need painting and I want to doing something interesting with the backs of them... not sure what yet, but having fun thinking about the possibilities!
  • I love the awesome IKEA wall unit my husband built for us. It surprisingly makes the entire room feel much larger.
    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • ZulfaZulfa Cape Town, South Africa (no lions in the streets)
    None yet but thinking of planking a wall, which I'm sure I'll love.
  • AndyKNAndyKN Coeur d'Alene, ID
    So far I have zero favorite walls... mostly because we haven't done a whole lot to our house yet. But I have a feeling the wall from our living room to our kitchen will be my favorite soon enough! Would love to do some awesome shelving.
  • I kinda like my front room wall with the picture window. It's a pretty big window, letting the most light into the house and, oddly enough, is one of the few windows that is evenly spaced on the wall.

    There's just enough room on both sides for a pair of beefy curtains & to add a little 'something-something' to decorate on both sides for added interest....when I can finally get to it! ;0)
  • KatieQKatieQ New York
    I like the wall with my fireplace in my living room. there are large windows on each side of the fireplace. In spring you can see the rhododendrons blooming outside the window and a Carolina wren makes a nest in one of the rhododendrons every year.
  • Don't have a favorite yet but I wanna make a frame wall going up our staircase so whenever I get to that, I'm sure it will be my favorite :)
  • We are in the process of building our home so I am super excited to see which wall will become my favorite.
  • My favorite wall would have to be the one going up our stairs. I have made it into a gallery wall with black and white pictures of family, and memorabilia including things like a vintage beaded cocktail purse that belonged to my husband's grandmother.
  • Kelsey11Kelsey11 Parrish, FL USA
    I live in FL and I LUUUUUUUV color!!!!! My master bath is painted in two shades of a beautiful limey green. I have a huge stained glass window in there, with shades of green, red, bright blue. When you sit in my tub, you can't help, but smile and relax...........and wish you had a glass of champagne!
  • upstairs was always dark because the bedroom doors were closed. It's a terracotta with a hint more orange. Brightened up the whole landing & hallway & looks different shades depending on the time of day/night. <3
  • We rent, but I'd have to say my favorite wall is our front living room wall. It has a bay window overlooking our view of the mountains. It would look even better if I buy or make some curtains for it and get rid of the mini blinds...yuck!
  • I love the 'long wall' in my living room. It's PERFECT for a gallery wall.
  • It would be my east wall in my farm house. It has french doors, that look out to a beautiful sunrise each morning. You can open the door, and listen to the birds chirping, the morning sounds that the bugs make. I have put a comfy chair there just to sit with my cup of coffee and listen to the world wake up each morning. Its like being on vacation every morning that I am there!
  • ChristaBChristaB Ohio, USA
    My favorite wall has to be the one in my living room that now houses two new ledge shelves. It is also home to a lantern and an iron ‘keys’ holder. It is not finished yet… but the wall is looking good so far. The top shelf holds some of my pirate figurines picked up on a road trip a few states away in my hometown, and a giant Cutty Sark pirate ship, which was picked up on the HWY 127 Garage Sale this year. The second shelf holds empty Cutty Sark bottles (which will have messages from family trips and vacations as well as other mementos). Check it out here. :)
  • My favorite wall in my house is the one in my kitchen. My husband and I live in a basement suite and it can be dark at times. In the kitchen, however, there is a large window that sits above my sink, which during the day get so much sunlight! It helps me feel like I'm in an actual house and not a suite
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