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Penny-Pinching Porch Makeover!

Hey guys! We just finished a DIY porch makeover and we completed everything 00 from decking to paint to trim to decor-- for under $600!


We installed wooden decking over an existing concrete porch & cut our own trim to save money -- SO. MUCH. CHEAPER.


Vinyl lattice covered the remaining exposed concrete. It all looks so much cleaner now!



Feel free to check out the full post on my blog if you want more info: Pretty Organized


  • How nice! So much better than concrete. Do you have plans to stain or paint the new porch?
  • Thanks, Meg! I like the way it looks right now (which is lucky, bc apparently you have to wait at least 6 months before staining salt treated wood anyway!), but I'm sure it will fade over the winter. We'll probably choose a stain for next year. Any ideas?
  • Such an adorable house!! I would consider porch paint instead of stain. It does require a bit of upkeep, but so does staining. Then you could do a really great color - with that navy, wouldn't screaming sunshine yellow be fantastic? :-) Also consider painting the inside ceiling of your porch a pale sky blue --- it's so relaxing and pretty when sitting under a porch with a blue ceiling.

    Are you in an area where you could use a ceiling fan in your porch? How nice to have the soft breeze of a fan on a hot afternoon on your really cute porch.

    As much as I love my enclosed front porch on our house, I do always love these wonderful big open ones too.

  • edited August 2013
    Definitely boosted the curb appeal, great job!! Really digging the clean sleek look!
  • Thanks, @bNwobsession & @nickwillscasa! @lizaanne, those are such fun ideas! I love the look of a painted porch ceiling!! Anyone have any suggestions for the left side of the porch? Perhaps a hammock or a deck box, or maybe something really cool I don't even know about?

  • I was thinking a nice, deep warm brown on the porch and tops of the steps, and a white paint on the vertical pieces between the steps. I'm always thinking of resale value, and I think something bright and crazy might be a turn off for future buyers. And could you put a small porch swing on the left side? We absolutely love ours.
  • annieheartsanniehearts Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    It's beautiful Casey! I'd like to sit there with a book and some lemonade! XO
  • can I say that your house is gorgeous? I love the shade of blue with the white. I love the new porch. It just looks beautiful.
  • What a transformation! You have inspired me to fix my horrid front steps!

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress
  • StaceyCrewStaceyCrew Charleston, SC
    Your house is adorable! Love the blue and white color combination.
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