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It's A Fairy Tale Come True...A Library Ladder!

Books! We love them! We have so very many of them. I looked around our house and tried to imagine where I could display more of them without boxes. My eyes landed on our niches in our walls. I hired a carpenter to build us bookcases in the niches. I found a library ladder kit online. My husband put it together, stained, and installed it. Viola! Pretty book display!

What do you think? We are so very excited! It is painted Moonshine, like the walls.

There are more pictures on my blog:

Are you bombarded with books like us? What do you do?

Thank you! Have a great day!


865 x 575 - 131K
2592 x 1936 - 1M
575 x 865 - 118K
865 x 575 - 164K


  • @jhoannam, @cassidyjd626, and @rentalrevival, THANK YOU! Your sweet words made my day! Thank you so much!

  • That's awesome! I would love to have high enough ceilings anywhere in my house that a library ladder wouldn't look silly
  • As an English major and a librarian, I understand having masses of books! I absolutely love your solution, as well as your art gallery and hallway light fixture. You have great taste!
  • @cozy_cape_cottage thank you! Yes, that was one of the few blessings of an early 90s home. High ceilings. I keep telling myself, view the positives. ; ). Thank you for the compliment!

    @staylor_1 oh a librarian! I am so jealous of you! Gosh, I love the smell of a library. Thank you for the kind words! Much appreciated! : )

    @FlowerFairy thank you! That is very sweet!

  • That reminds me of beauty and the beast! I want one now!
  • Love it!! Wish I had room in my house for one of these!!
  • I've ALWAYS wanted a library ladder in my own home. I was hoping to put it in my future walk-in pantry.
  • @bNwobsession I think a library ladder would be amazing in a pantry. I think Pioneer Woman has one, but I might be mistaken!
  • I LOVE it! So cool, such a good use of space, and the ladder is the perfect finishing touch. The alcove below the built-in bookcases looks really nice, and that console fits there perfect, but it could also be really cool to move them and build in bookcases there as well. With the rolling library ladder, it would be neat to have the whole wall be books!
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