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Fab Freebie: An A-Muze-ing Story

edited September 2013 in Feeling Random
What's one quintessential story of your childhood? Did you decide to cut your own hair with less than stellar results? Or run the wrong way around the bases in little league? How about attempting to make your parents breakfast and setting off the smoke alarm, resulting in a big ol' firetruck in the driveway?


  • amandaedgingtonamandaedgington Holly Springs, NC
    When I was five I decided to open the door and stick my feet out of the car. My parents were thankfully only going 25 mph. My mom said the people behind them were honking like crazy, she turned around and grabbed me and my Dad pulled over. Apparently my gym shoes were worn down and my parents were given quite a fright. Needless to say the child locks were kept on the Volvo until my sisters and I were in our teens!
    Amanda Edgington-Holly Springs, NC
  • When I was about 5 I built a fort outside using our picnic table and blankets. Even though my dad told me not to I decided to use a couple bricks to hold the blankets down. Well, after a lot of blood, ER visit and dad may have been right :)
  • My parents tell this story over and over again..and now that I have my own little girl, it gets told even more often, if that's possible.
    On a road trip, I was about 2, 2.5yo, and needed to go to the bathroom. I ran up to the rest stop doors, where a large trucker was holding the door for me. I yelled "I gotta go poop!" and ran right past him. My parents say the trucker was very polite, but of course, couldn't NOT laugh at a little blonde girl, running through a truck stop yelling about her bathroom needs. *sigh*
  • normanorma Folsom, CA
    My mom told me I could not talk plainly until I was about 5 years old and that I would stomp my feet and get soooo mad when people could not understand me.
  • Oh my goodness, there are so many stories! I tried cutting my long locks in the corner of our dining room, which definitely didn't work out. When I was 6, I tried making myself a toaster strudel in the toaster but instead made a fire. Really... who starts a fire in a toaster!? And once, while trying to impress my sisters, I ran through muck in a river and landed on something that slit my foot open. As I began screaming in pain, my father shouted out, "Oh, Kim... it's just seaweed!", only realizing what had actually happened when I lifted my foot out of the water. So much for trying to be a tough-gal. ;)

    Turning It Home

  • melelymelely Ontario, Canada
    edited September 2013
    The one I've heard a million times is when my mom found me in the middle of the night, peeing in a spaghetti pot in the kitchen cabinet. Apparently I was half asleep and thought I was in the bathroom!
  • It would have to be the time that I took off the entire front of my hair with a 2" wet to straight hair straightener. My hair was about 35 inches long at the time, and I was left with about 2 inches of burnt orange bangs. So horrifying!
  • My younger brother was born with bright red hair, and I had blonde hair. We were at church one Sunday, and as we were leaving the pastor said to my parents "Where did he get that red hair?" I enthusiastically answered "He got it from the mail man!" I was 5 years old and will never live that down : )
  • When I was about 4, my same-age aunt (that's a whole 'nuther story!) was spending the night. We woke up before anyone else in the house and decided to fix breakfast. I'd watched Mom make scrambled eggs many times and just knew I could do that. So we pulled 2 kitchen chairs (the old fashioned chrome with yellow vinyl) up to the stove, broke several eggs into a saucepan, set it on the burner and turned the stove on. Then we figured we'd just wait in the living room looking at a book while they cooked. When the eggs started smoking, we knew enough to turn the stove off but thought we needed to take the pan off and set it somewhere.....and chose the chair.... with the vinyl seat. Mom and Dad had smelled the eggs burning (and vinyl melting?) so appeared in the doorway at that moment, but not in time to save the chair, or the pan. This was waaay before smoke detectors; lets just say I'm retired and let it go at that. That chair was around for many years to remind us of our escapade. I don't think we tried cooking anything for a long time after that!
  • When I was young...I had a facination with telling tales. I loved making up stories to see who could believe them. I had my kindergarten class in hysterics about the monkeys I saw at a zoo in hawaii...a zoo that my family had never visited and I don't think existed at the time...that made everyone want to go and visit. I also had a flair for drama. I hated babysitters, so one day, when my babysitter came to pick me up from school, I started screaming that I didn't know who this lady was and she was trying to steal me away. She was so mortified that my mom ended up having to come to the school to straighten everything out.
  • At the tender age of 6 or 7, I went flying down the street on my bike, riding too closely to parked vehicles, as it turned out... a man opened his car door to step out just as I came upon his vehicle. First broken wrist, and a nice, fat cast. Bummer.
  • KerryKerry Beaverton, OR
    I have too many to count lol I'm a twin, I love him so much because he's my other half in the sense that he has always been with me. Well when we were younger, about 10 or so, I left with a close family friend to the store, I told my aunt but she forgot, so everyone freaked out and thought I was kidnapped (especially since I never just ran off, ever). Well, the cops were called, parents were our hunting only to have me turn the corner from the store down the street...boy did I get a good talking to for that one, and my aunt felt awful but at least I know they loved me and were worried for my well being. :D
  • otisjotisj Louisiana
    I was playing with my cousin in the great big field we had right by my mamaw's house. He was slingin around this plastic glass and throwing it and I was watching. I was about 6, he was probably about 12. So he grabbed one piece and it stuck to his fingers, and when he came back around instead of it releasing it sliced me open underneath my eye. In retrospect I probably should have went to the hospital, but we just put a rag on it until it stopped bleeding. Now I have a scar there. However faint, it's noticeable when pointed out.
  • When I was in the 2nd grade I attempted to be helpful by loading the dishwasher and running it. Only instead of putting in dishwasher detergent I put in regular dish soap, which foamed and spewed out the sides of the dishwasher. My parents had parquet hardwood floors in their kitchen and my little stunt ruined the floor in front of and around the dishwasher. I got in big trouble! Needless to say, I was relieved of my kitchen helper duties for quite a while!
  • When I was very little (picture just learning to talk) I was convinced that my father was a pilot. Don't ask why - he's a social worker. So anytime I saw/heard/thought-I-heard a plane I yelled "there's my daddy!" Super loudly and pointed to where I thought the plane was. This was especially confusing to my dad since he was often standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME when I yelled that! I also was apparently a very multi-cultural (albeit not politically correct) child. I would sometimes yell "there's my black daddy!" or "there's my Indian daddy!" My parents were at a complete loss as to where I picked this up.
  • ZulfaZulfa Cape Town, South Africa (no lions in the streets)
    Boo! I can't think of anything :(
  • hmmm...which story to tell. Well, the one thing I hear ALL of the time, and especially since I now have a daughter just like that the first full sentence out of my mouth was "I can do it by myself."
  • Sarah_R1Sarah_R1 South Carolina
    Although I still need a filter for my mouth, I have learned to control my verbal vomit somewhat. When I was very young, however, I said whatever came to mind. Once when my very intelligent but also very arrogant uncle was visiting, he leaned down and pointed to his MENSA pin. He asked, "Sarah, do you know what this is?" When I shook my head "No," he explained that it was a pin for incredibly smart people who had passed a test to get into the "club." Instead of replying with an impressed "OOH"--or something of that sort, I came back with, "If you're so smart, why do you smoke." Thankfully, my uncle has a sense of humor and likes to retell the tale at every family get together (he's also quit smoking recently)!
  • When I was about five, I came running down the hallway at full speed and the corner of the table stopped the neck. Not only did I end up in the hospital, but was put in traction. True story.
  • I was in my cousin's wedding as a flower girl when I was 4 or 5 yr old. We were at the reception when my little brother needed to go to the bathroom. My mom asked me to take him. So I did....into the Men's restroom! I came out and told her how funny those things were on the wall (the urinals). She couldn't stop laughing! She just assumed I'd take him to the Ladies' room.
  • Oh, goodness. I have one. I was about three or four. My family was at the airport. My parents were taking care of tickets or something. They couldn't find me at first, but they saw a big group of people in a circle. Guess who was in the circle? I had my pants pulled down to my ankles. I was shaking my little bum around singing, "See my butt, SEEE MYY BUTT!!"
    Apparently, I wanted everybody in the airport to see my Minnie Mouse undies.
  • When I was a child my family and I had just moved into a new house during the height of lightening bug season. I decided I wanted to catch as many as possible but we had not finished unpacking and the only container I could find was a large tuper wear storage container with no lid. I used Saran Wrap and poked holes in it so the "bugs could breath." Needless to say, when my family and I woke up the next morning there were lightening bugs covering the downstairs ceiling... I spent the next day trying to recatch them all and releasing them outside.
  • When I was about 5 years old I was playing in the yard and found an amazing treasure on the was a bird egg! I quickly scooped it up and began running towards the house yelling for my mom to come out and take a look. As I scrambled up the cement steps on our porch I stumbled and the egg went flying out of my hands. It sailed through the air and hit the cement porch right in front of the door...just as my mom walked out. The egg ended up on my mom (and the porch) - but it wasn't just any old egg, it was a rotten egg! Wow did that smell!!!
  • My Aunt told me recently that when she stayed at our house on holiday when I was about 4 or 5 she used to be woken up by my sister and I in the mornings. Apparently we would pull open her eyelids and whisper "Aunty Mary, are you awake".

    I resisted the temptation when she stayed with me recently, I'm now 38!
  • During story-time at school I used to tie my shoelaces together so my feet were connected. One day, I tied them together as usual, then the fire bell went off. I couldn't get my shoes untied and my class lined up and left the classroom. The office lady made rounds in all of the classrooms, and there I was, crying, not able to walk because my shoes were tied together. I had to be carried outside.
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