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Fab Freebie: Way Finding

Have you ever spotted an item in a magazine or store that became your "one that got away?" Maybe you didn't buy that rug when you first saw it and then it went out of stock forevermore? Or you saw some gorgeous art in the background of a TV show but never could track down something similar in real life?


  • Yes! I didn't buy a second set of my favorite Garnet Hill "French Journal" sheets when I had the chance (and before they discontinued them). They were the softest, prettiest sheets ever, and I regret not buying duplicate sets when I discovered how much I loved them. I didn't know you could actually wear out a set of sheets, but 13 years later, they just shredded....

  • I bought a set of Northern Nights sheets from QVC after we had slept on a set at my parents' house. The material was called cotton cashmere flannel, and they are hands down the greatest sheets we've ever owned. They're incredibly soft and cozy, warm but breathable, and they wash well. I love them. When I bought them they were on sale for $60/set (queen) and I only bought one set because I was young(er) and felt like I was spending too much on bedding. But now it's about 5 years later and I'm always searching for them online because no one ever seems to have that material.
  • I just lost out on a cool vintage chess set at an estate sale over the weekend....she who hesitates is lost. :) It was 30% off on Saturday but 50% off on Sunday. I held out until Sunday. I shouldn't have!
  • JoeyfromSCJoeyfromSC Los Angeles, CA
    yes, it happens alot to me! Since I do background work on t.v. shows/movies/talk show audience, I am constantly spotting things now in person & when I watch on t.v. , that I want! lol I get distracted by stuff in the background now because I really enjoy the whole behind the scenes process & set decor!
  • There was this armchair I've seen in a catalog a few month back - I instatly fell in love with it. Sadly I have absolutely no space to put it in (I could put it in front of a door but I think that could get complicated...). Since that isn't going to change anytime soon I will probably never be able to buy it....
  • Saw a cool primitive Hoosier cabinet this weekend, still thinking about it.....
  • In love with anything pouf, mercury glass.oh my it never ends...but we love it!!
  • I found the perfect high-pile rug at HomeGoods for an amazing price, but talked myself out of it. I STILL think about it all the time!
  • SherriSherri North Carolina
    Ha -- yes! I really want one of those cute fans like the one in Clara's room, and I can't find it anywhere! And the places that do have the fan don't have it in stock. Le sigh.
  • I once rewinded a TV show (thanks Hulu!) and took a screenshot of the scene because I loved the layout of a wall collage. This was before Pinterest, so when my old computer crashed (waahh!) I lost the screenshot. I can only vaguely remember what the wall looked like now. :(
  • Aida_JAida_J Cedar Falls, IA
    I am in desperate need of a new, bigger, comfier bed (we're expecting in January), but the husband refuses right now. It might have to do with the fact we JUST bought a house, tho...
  • oh yes I found the perfect sectional at a macys furniture store in Atlanta but couldn't get it because I was driving my small car! it was on sale too! I should have gotten a uhaul it would have been worth it :)
  • We found a brand new drawer microwave over a year ago at an estate sale for $150. We knew we wanted to renovate our kitchen someday, but hadn't drawn up plans or even discussed a wish list yet, so I passed on it. This year? Our house burns down, we are getting a brand new kitchen, and the plans include a drawer microwave. Aaagghhh!
  • I found a great pair of boots in a boutique. I went home and found them on the internet for about half the price, but now I was second guessing myself (what if there was a better pair of boots out there?). After looking at boots for the next few days, I decided they were the ones I wanted. When I went back to the website the price had doubled and I couldn't bring myself to spend that much!
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