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DIY Paper-cut Home State Art!

A quick and easy project with fancy glitter paper is the perfect finishing touch to our entryway! You can read about it here!

I did something similar with the outline of our house as well (last picture). :)

Thanks for looking!
Mari of crab+fish
Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.51.01 PM.png
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Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.51.13 PM.png
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Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.51.20 PM.png
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Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 6.52.35 PM.png
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  • So cute! The paper-cut house took a lot of work but such a cute result! I did something similar as your home state art.

    I printed an outline of my home state and our coast. I also printed a red heart on my home town. Then I painted on glue to all the land except for the heart. Next I dumped on multi-colored glitter and shook off the excess. Once I sprayed it to seal it in, I framed it.

    Mine isn't perfect like yours but for someone lazy and non-crafy like me, I've learned it's best not to compare with talented folks like yourself!!
  • very cool. seems like a cool project for a silhouette machine too.
  • Thanks @nickwillscasa - so I've been told, but I have yet to pull the trigger on one. How much will I *really* use it, you know? :)
  • My husband and I come from different states, so I put together this piece of art. Super simple - I just traced outlines of our states onto some heavy cardstock, then used embroidery thread to trace the outline (basically sewing along the lines.) The piece de resistance - a little pink heart glued over the approximate location of our home towns. Final touch - I popped them into a frame with two openings. It's one of my favorite things in our home!
    ky half.JPG
    1600 x 1200 - 1M
    tenn finished.JPG
    1600 x 1200 - 1M
    in the frame.JPG
    1600 x 1200 - 673K
    both with hearts.JPG
    1200 x 1600 - 1M

  • @Alicia_B that is super cute! I love embroidery (disclaimer: not that I'm any good at it!) so I will definitely have to give this a try....
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