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Can I please have my curtains an inch from the floor?

Hello Everyone- I have curtains that I bought from Ikea and hemmed... I cut the exact amount from the bottom of each one, used a ruler, etc and they still ended up being different lengths. Long story short, I have three that rest on the floor (perhaps a teeny bit too much, between a 'to the floor' and 'pooling' length) and the 4th is about an inch from the floor). I need to fix them but am not sure if I should bring the one short hem down or the other 3 up. I know the rules about curtain lengths but after living with this shorter one for a month I see some benefits of it. I think no one would really notice that it hovers slight above the floor and a benefit is that it will stay cleaner by not resting on the floor (the curtains are white). I guess I am trying to make a case to this very talented community but if you tell me it will look ridiculous I will change it :)


  • Do whatever you like :)

    I don't think any of my curtains touch the floor. One, I'm a bit "cheap" and don't want to pay extra for long curtains that I'll just have to hem. Two, a lot came over from our old house where we had baseboard heaters under the windows, so curtains couldn't touch them. I have some covering my slider door that are about an inch from the floor so they don't get dirty but still cover the whole door.

    Way back when....starting centuries ago...having curtains that were long enough to pool on the floor meant you were wealthy enough to buy fabric with no other purpose than to have it lay on the floor and get dirty. It was a very popular way to show one's wealth, especially in aristocratic society. Now, it's more just about style because textiles aren't that expensive anymore, but I heard this tidbit somewhere years ago and it's stuck with me haha!
  • KaijaKaija Denver, CO
    Pooling curtains might also help deter drafts, in case you have leaky windows.

    I bought a set of panels from IKEA's discount bin for my daughter's room. They were already hemmed and pooled when they were hanging straight. But, when they're pulled to the side, and tucked behind the holder thingies (can't think of the right term...) and still touch each other at the rod, they're perfect length. Yay!
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