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Fab Freebie: The Art Of Home

Since this week's giveaway is a house portrait, we thought it would be fitting to ask which house you'd have drawn if you won. Would it be your current house? Your childhood home? Your grandma's cottage? A favorite vacation home? A house you've always loved but never lived in? A rendering of your dream home?


  • We love our current Home.......12 years and counting.....
  • mmprestonmmpreston Toronto, Canada
    Our current house! It's our first and we're just about to celebrate our 5th anniversary here - and we've made so many amazing memories here.
  • I think it would be a close call between my two grandparents houses. So many memories have been made there and they are the ones most likely to not be in our family for years to come.
  • MegaPlusNMegaPlusN Mansfield, Pa
    My parent's home. They built it from the ground up when I was 5 years old and have always been improving with amazing skill. My Dad was perfectionist. He recently passed away and it looks like my Mom may need to sell. It would be a really neat thing to have not just a photograph, but a more personal drawing - the kind of touch my Dad would appreciate. the wheels are turning for my Mom's Christmas present. :)
  • katedollkatedoll portland, or
    This is a tough one! it's between:
    1. our current house. we just moved in a month ago and we LOVE LOVE it! we plan to stay until we retire!
    2. my parents house - which was my grandma's house! sooo many amazing memories - it would be a lovely gift.
  • Our current home. We bought the house the same year we got married. New house, new family, new memories. The house has given us some grief over the years (like the time the upstairs toilet overflowed through the ceiling and into the tree on Christmas morning) but I wouldn't trade it for anything!
  • zankazanka The Netherlands
    It would have to be my Grandparents' summer home in the country. I spens so many summers there and I really, really love it!
  • jennyfiracusjennyfiracus Falls Church, VA
    I'd love to get one of my parents' house. My parents are planning on moving soon after about 22 years in the same house, and I think this would make a fabulous parting gift for them.
  • skinnyrhino11skinnyrhino11 columbus ohio
    I would have my grandparents cabin painted. now that they are older, they cant visit as often, and its the one thing that can always make them smile
  • current farmhouse been in my husband's family since it was built in 1880.
  • My childhood home. We lived there for 15 years and since we moved I have lived in another house for about 10 years and an apartment in Germany for 2. The only house I ever dream about, is the one in Texas where I grew up. I've never had a dream that took place in my parents'current house. Weird.
  • otterblueotterblue wake forest, nc
    Definitely our current home. Its a great house with lots of room but looks like a tiny cottage on the outside and sits on a steep lot. With the help of our amazing landscapers we installed local stone steps and walls and native vegetation to make it beautiful and eco friendly. Everyone stops to comment on our yard and I am very proud of our little place on the hill.
  • My dad's family cabin! He and his brothers built it after their father (my grandpa) passed away, as a way to keep their family close together. When I was a kid, we spent almost every summer weekend up there. Its a very special place to my dad, and our whole family as well.
  • mkelly2121mkelly2121 Philadelphia, PA
    Definitely my current home!
  • Current home for sure, as I am pretty sure it is now our forever home...a red brick semi detached circa 1840's, renovated by my husband and I in 2010.
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