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Is Chevron Dead?

Okay, I'll give this thing a shot!

I've been mulling over this you think chevron is dead yet? I still like it, but I sort of cringe when I see people painting walls, etc. (or their fridge? Don't get that one) with it. Seems like a pattern best left to easily replaceable accessories, like pillows and what not. I feel like it is going to scream "That's so 2012" in a year or so.



  • I've been feeling the same way as you guys... I think it's overdone but I love the idea of using bright colors in fun patterns throughout.
  • I agree--overdone! I think it's still okay in small, less bold doses though :)
  • I'm actually hoping it & quatrefoils die soon. I began using both on mu house several years ago, before they were on EVERYTHING. Now I'd like it to die down so my home can go back to looking a little unique.
  • I agree that chevron should be left to fabric accents, like a punchy throw pillow. I have seen it on large scales (feature wallpaper) and it looks a bit strange!
  • Chevron in small doses or accents look fine... I like it especially for accents in a girls room or playroom. However, chevron walls might be overkill! Love the polka dots for 2013:)
  • Agree. Even Chevron is tired of the way it is being displayed. The chunky stenciled pattern on accent walls, curtains, refrigerators, etc; in colors such as yellow, teal, light gray and alternated with white. I understand it goes with the general clean-lined "light/bright/airy" look of today's modern decorating, but we've seen it a million times now!

    Nothing against Chevron itself - I do feel that it will always be a classic pattern that can look great when done on a moderate, tasteful scale!
  • I think it appears overdone for those of us that read lots of blogs/pinterest etc. I don't think most of my friends in real life would even know that it is "in". I don't think its run it's course yet but who knows how long it'll be.
  • I don't think it has to be dead, especially if you LIKE it. I have a tiny, half wall in a bathroom with chevrons that I luuuuuurve. But that's it. It doesn't show up anywhere in my house, and I think overdoing it with curtains, bedskirts, walls, etc all in one room can be total overkill (especially nurseries, where it seems to be especially rampant).
  • I was never hugely into it, and while I think it can be quite timeless when used right, I would say the trend is definitely over! I think in a room with lots of other things going on, it can work on an accessory or two, but any more than that and it's just a bit too much. :|

  • At this point, I'd go with using it in accessories that can easily be tweaked or changed out easily.
  • I'm a little over the chevron too, though surprisingly I haven't used it in my house yet. But it has exploded to the point where I'm chevron-ed out already. If you can use it in accessories or in a different way... like sideways chevron, or alternating glossy and matte paint or something else I think it can still work. And if you like it, rock it!
  • I like "on trend" things when they aren't done to death. Anything on trend should be used sporadically and replaceable. Especially in the world of Pinterest, things are going to get old fast. Otherwise, I like chevron a lot (in fact, my living room has some chevron pieces).
  • I can't help but think of Charlie Brown's tee shirt when I see chevron. I love the pattern but it makes me think of cartoons! I do really enjoy herringbone as an alternative that is graphic and chevron-ish but a lot more classic.
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