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Struggling with Starting a Blog

VegasVegas NYC
edited October 2013 in Blogging
For many years, I've played with the idea of starting a blog; but now it seems that everyone has one. Its almost as if I'm intimidated to create one because there's so many DIY/decorating blogs that everything seems done to me. I'm not by any means discrediting DIY bloggers out there, but at what point do blogs begin to bore you? I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very creative at all as far as DIY is concerned because I mimic what I see on Pinterest. I would consider myself a home stylist lol. I think many people have such awesome ideas and I get a bit bummed when I don't have the resources (tools) or the knack to come up with something cool that hasn't been done before. I do know where to shop to get the best deal and what looks hot (lol) and wonder if that's enough to engage readers. I need feedback, it may answer my question of whether to move forward. Thanks!


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