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Struggling with Starting a Blog

VegasVegas NYC
edited October 2013 in Blogging
For many years, I've played with the idea of starting a blog; but now it seems that everyone has one. Its almost as if I'm intimidated to create one because there's so many DIY/decorating blogs that everything seems done to me. I'm not by any means discrediting DIY bloggers out there, but at what point do blogs begin to bore you? I'll be the first to admit that I'm not very creative at all as far as DIY is concerned because I mimic what I see on Pinterest. I would consider myself a home stylist lol. I think many people have such awesome ideas and I get a bit bummed when I don't have the resources (tools) or the knack to come up with something cool that hasn't been done before. I do know where to shop to get the best deal and what looks hot (lol) and wonder if that's enough to engage readers. I need feedback, it may answer my question of whether to move forward. Thanks!


  • hst0mhst0m Cincinnati
    Go ahead and start one for yourself! I have my own blog just to record my projects, inspiration, and other things I like/want to share. I still share my projects with other people, but it really isn't about 'getting big' for me. If people want to read, great! If not, I'm not going to get down about it.
  • I totally agree, it's a fun way of capturing the day to day. Of course it's a great feeling to connect with others and share your ideas, but at the end of the day it's definitely a personal hobby.
  • Don't be intimidated or worry about what other blogs post. The best thing about starting a blog is that it can be whatever you'd like it to be. Just be you and Have Fun! Whether it's writing something your passionate about (like me,) or just making it about how much you love knitting, it doesn't matter as long as it makes you happy. I started a blog called Womens Mobile Network and it provides mobile solutions for women. It's a niche subject but I love it!

    Just starting out, I've found that it's pretty fun to decide what you post, who you respond to, etc. Also, it's fun to meet with other bloggers and share ideas and receive feedback. Just start and you'll morph it into something that you'll love. Let me know if you need any help, as I'm always looking for new bloggers for feedback and suggestions. You go girl!
  • I think you have to figure out why you want to start a blog.

    For me, the blogs that I enjoy the most and visit often are those that are authentic and represent a passion for the author not something that they are doing for page views.

    If you decide to move forward, make sure to share your address so we can read your POV.

    Good Luck!!
  • Thank you for your feedback! @greeninoc and @womensmobilenetwork. I'm moving forward with it! :-j I will post the link once I get it up and running!

  • It sounds like you share some similar interests as I do on my blog. Maybe it would be a great opportunity to "team up" and do a guest blogger post. Would you be interested? I could share some of your awesome DIY/decorating ideas on my blog to help give you more exposure?

    My blog:


    ^^ if your are interested!
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