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We went open-plan! Kitchen, dining and living area makeover - some pretty drastic before and afters!

So we bought this house that was pretty dated, with internal walls separating the living room, dining room and kitchen. Maybe it's an Aussie thing (we live downunder) but we really prefer our floor-plans open and spacious and light-filled. We love the lifestyle factor of being able to entertain and converse with guests in the living area while working in the kitchen. It's also great for supervising the kidlets at play. Not to mention that it looks so much bigger when the main living zones aren't all divided up into separate rooms.

The upshot is, we knocked out a couple of walls, re-polished the floors, painted throughout, and completely re-did the kitchen. This was the result!

For anyone interested in seeing more photos and details, there are more pics on my blog:

So.... what do you think?? I'm curious if this "translates" cross-culturally, because open-plan doesn't seem as big of a thing in America from what I can gather from the blogs I follow. Do you like the look? Or does it turn you off being able to see into the kitchen from the living area? Interested to know!

Beaumont BEFORE lounge copy.jpg
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Beaumont BEFORE kitchen.jpg
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kitchen edited.jpg
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  • I love open plan homes! I've heard that the trend is moving away from them and back to individual rooms, but I agree with you - I love the open spaces more, and hate getting stuck "back in the kitchen" if we're entertaining!
  • Thanks, Brynalyn! I feel the same way about being stuck in the kitchen. Much prefer being able to interact with family or guests while I cook. Good to know! :)
  • Gorgeous!! Why I typically do prefer a bit more separation of space (but not entirely separate rooms) this is a very beautiful open concept home. Beautiful job!
  • I love how bright your living room is! I like a floor plan that is at least somewhat open and not so closed off.
  • Thank you so much, Lizaanne! Your comment brought a smile to my face. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • Little Red House, that's good to know. I'm feeling less alone in my open-plan leanings. ;) Thanks for your kind words. That's one thing that's a must for me - plenty of natural light!
  • Love it :) I'm an Aussie too & am a big supporter of open plan rooms! X
  • Love it :) I'm an Aussie too & am a big supporter of open plan rooms! X
  • Yay! Hello, fellow Aussie. :)
  • Thanks, Mrs Hart. :)
  • kschravkschrav Australia
    Thanks for featuring me in the Forum Foursome, John and Sherry! My heart did a little backflip when I read through to the bottom of the post and saw my lil room pop up! What a happy surprise! :)
  • I love what you did - it's a gorgeous update. I too prefer open plan, so you can interact with people even if you are busy cooking - also for watching the kids. I love the new railings for the stairwell - so much sleeker than the dated turned wood. And the balcony with glass panels -so lovely. And the colors are soothing without being blah. Can't wait to see the rest of your remodel!
  • kschravkschrav Australia
    Thank you so much, brisobel! Such kind words! Yes - being able to interact with guests while cooking and keep an eye on the kids are hands-down my two favourite parts of this open plan design. I have three little kids, so that's an essential. It was worth it just for that!
  • DianeDiane Kansas City, MO
    I want those wood floors!
  • kschravkschrav Australia
    Diane - I know, right??! They were a sad dark orangey-brown when we bought the house because they'd had an oil-based finish done on them about 15 years ago, and it had really yellowed and darkened. We couldn't believe the difference when we stripped back the floors and re-did them with a water-based finish. We could actually see the colour variations in the timber again. It really lightened up the whole space. Love me some timber floors!
  • aforceinsideaforceinside Kansas or Europe, depending on the day
    I enjoy my open floor plan except when i have people over for dinner- they can sit and enjoy the meal and stare at the pile of dishes, food and mess covering my kitchen counters... Trust me it was clean in preparation for them coming but when you cook a meal for 6+ in a small kitchen... ugh... it shows. My husband told me if I could ditch the whole living room thing for the family room downstairs he would make me a big kitchen and move the dining room to the living room. I see that flying like a ton of bricks with the future potential buyers/next owners.

  • kschravkschrav Australia
    Aforceinside - YES! That is the big drawback of open plan, isn't it?! I'm a bit OCD, so I tend to clean up as I go and give the bench a quick wipe after I serve... so it's usually not tooooo bad. But it has the potential to be ugly, very ugly! LOL :)
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