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DIY $25 Gold Dipped TV Console

Hi everyone! I am so enjoying see all of the DIY projects and renovations out there, so I thought that I'd share what is perhaps my favorite DIY involving paint.

I bought this large French provincial dresser at an auction for $25, and I wanted to use it as my TV console. I loved the idea of the storage underneath, but I really wanted to make it a focal point in the room. I also wanted to paint it, but in a different way than I had really seen before.

Here's what it looked like before (my husband called it "banana pudding colored"):

I painted it bright white, and taped off the bottom. I painted everything below the line with Martha Stewart's paint in antique gold. Here's the after!


I love the metallic sheen of the legs.


I'm currently working on a large eclectic gallery wall that surrounds the TV! I haven't posted it on my blog, but here's a sneak peek .

You can see the whole post on my blog right HERE !

Do you have anything gold in your house? I'm in love with it.


  • This is so amazing!! And the gallery wall surrounding it - I want to live in your house!
  • SandraHSandraH Columbia, Maryland
    Wow, I love that! I did something similar with a chair that I posted on my blog I'm going to have to do a dresser like yours soon!


    2592 x 3872 - 2M
  • Janelle said:

    This is so amazing!! And the gallery wall surrounding it - I want to live in your house!

    Well come on over, girlfriend! Not to live, because that would be weird. But you can certainly visit! :)

  • @SandraH I love those colors together!
  • GilitC said:

    I never would have thought of that and I never would have thought it would look so good but it is amazing! So creative and glam, I'm such a fan!
    I also put a gallery of sorts around our TV to make it less of a focal point (did it work?)

    @GilitC I love the leaning frames! It looks great.

  • Wow! I'm so impressed! I can't wait to find something with great bones so I can paint the legs gold
  • I never would have thought to do that, but it looks great? What new life you've given that piece!
  • Really cute! Love it!
  • Woweee I love this!! x
  • Wow that is beautiful I love it!
  • I love this! I love the white handles as well, so pretty!
  • oooh that's sweet looking
  • Thanks so much, everyone!
  • This is amazingly beautiful! Great job :)
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