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White Counters: Yea or Nay?

I am hoping to completely redo my kitchen this year. My husband and I love the look of IKEA White Abstrakt cabinets with white counters. We are completely sold on the cabinets, but fear that the white counter will be hard to keep clean. Does anyone have white counters that they love/hate?


  • Workinghard79Workinghard79 Baltimore, MD
    We just put in white countertops in our kitchen, but they have some flecked specks in it so it's not solid white. A plain solid white counter shows all the little crubs, etc. I'm hoping the speckles hide some of that!
  • I have white Ikea countertops (their cheapest!) and they are beautiful and easy to clean. I simply love them! I
  • We have white Formica countertops, and although they stain easily (wine, tea, coffee, beets, etc.) they also come clean easily with water and baking soda scrubbed on them.
  • I can't wait to do our white counter tops (come on tax return!!!) - after having to deal with microscopic ants on our speckled counter a couple years ago, and not knowing they were there because they hid in the speckles (sneaky little devils) - I want as white a counter top as I can get!! I want to be able to look at it and see nothing but CLEAN!!!!! :-)
  • Based on experience, the ease with which counter tops can be cleaned, depends on what they're made of. Color tends to be secondary. Marble, for example, is pretty, but stains easily because of the stone's porous nature. Regardless of whether it is light- or dark-colored. Soapstone, on the other hand, is resistant to moisture absorption, and therefore rarely stains and is very easy to wipe clean. Even the white kind.

    That being said, the Ikea counters you like, according to Marie, sound perfect. They are inexpensive, pretty, AND easy to clean despite their whiteness. I'd say go for it. :)

  • edited January 2014
    Our home has a basement apartment with white counter tops. My husband and I both love them! Our main kitchen's counter tops are speckled and mottled and I will wipe them down and it is really hard to tell if they are clean. I love that the white ones in the basement look lovely and it is easy to tell when they are clean. When they've been dirty I've always just used a little cleanser and it's been fine. (I don't know what material they are since they were like that when we bought the house...) Good luck!
  • I LOVE those Ikea counter tops! I can't imagine they are much more difficult to keep clean! Plus, they will just look so beautiful and bright, it'll be worth it!

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress
  • We have solid white formica countertops in our kitchen (from the previous owners). I agree that they are relatively easy to keep clean -- a little Bon Ami takes any stains right off with minimal scrubbing. There are a few nicks that are more visible than if there was speckling or veining but, for better or for worse, crumbs and dust and stains are easy to see and clean.

    I hope to replace them eventually, but not because of their coloring.
  • dwooleydwooley Baltimore
    I have gray counter tops from IKEA - had them for 4 years now and I LOVE THEM! If you get a mark or stain, take a dab of dish soap with a drop of bleach, rub the spot and rinse. Stain gone!!!
  • BeckyBecky Minnesota
    edited January 2014
    We put white countertops in our kitchen and I love them! They are also slightly speckled and it helps hide the crumbs a little bit. Ours are ceasarstone quartz in eggshell.
  • We have white Ikea cabinets with white quartz countertops and LOVE them. The quartz is life changing - we have a hard time keeping our kitchen super clean with our schedules but the quartz absorbs nothing and cleans perfectly; even week-old coffee drips come off with little effort. I say go for it!
  • I lived with white counters in an apartment for about 3 years. I found that as long as you do quick wipedowns regularly they're fine. It's nice to have a magic eraser on hand for them for deep cleaning. The counters we had were not the best quality but they were still easy to keep clean.
  • We have white carrara quartz countertops and I really like them. In previous houses we've had tile and santa cecilia granite. I definitely like the white quartz the best. You will have to wipe them down probably every night; they will show every little thing on them. But they will clean very easily. I use non-amonia glass cleaner (Glass Plus) to wipe them down. It cleans them really well without leaving any kind of film on them or making them look dull. If I need to I use an anti-bacterial spray, but for day to day it's the Glass Plus.
  • Yep, I've got white corian counters in our current kitchen. They were put in in 1992 and they still look amazing - not a stain anywhere. Our counters are subjected to two messy kiddos, two red-wine-drinking adults, and lots of parties, and they still look great. When we redo our kitchen, we'll probably go for white counters again. And for contrast, we had black granite in our last house (with gold/copper flecks) and those were way harder to keep looking clean. Good luck with your decision!
  • aberikaberik Philadelphia
    We have ceasarstone in blizzard, I have a love hate relationship with them. We use our kitchen a lot, the whiteness of the quartz definitely makes the room look bigger but I have to make sure to wipe them down frequently. So far I haven't had any stains with coffee or wine, but turmeric is hard to get out. And if a metal object scrapes against the countertop (like the inside counter edge of the sink where I dry my pots and pans) it leaves a mark that is near impossible for me to get out. The installers said it can be taken out by them by polishing it. I LOVE our countertops, but if I had to do it again I would choose something with a white or gray speckle to help hide any imperfections. Good luck!
  • Just had to chime in. We have white Formica countertops and with 2 kids, I hate them. The littlest dirt shows and I'm constantly giving them a thorough scrubbing because they look dirty. I'm all about keeping things clean, but they are high maintenance in my opinion.
  • anaiya020anaiya020 Orlando, Florida
    We've had white laminate countertops for the past 12 years and I prefer it actually. We've had dark mottled granite but I could never tell if they were clean (crumbs blended in too well). My white ones however, easy to see and easy to clean. We've spilled fruit juice, placed cast irons too close to the sink so it left rust rings, etc (we are not a gentle family), between plain ole vinegar and water and a magic eraser (really is magical!), they look like they did when we bought the place in 2002.
  • I lived with white counters (solid white laminate) for four years and I have to tell you that i hated them. Not because of the stains (red wine, coffee, tomato sauce) but because of the fact that every single crumb, grease splatter, coffee ground, water spot, jelly smear, fingerprint, etc etc instantly made the kitchen look messy & dirty. Its like all that whiteness magnifies and calls attention to whatever falls on it. So its not just a matter of keeping them clean. You have to be willing to wipe them down after EVERY. SINGLE. USE. all day long. (soooo not happening around here)
    I think in our case where it was a small kitchen with limited counter space it was even worse. When we redid our kitchen this fall I chose Negresco Suede granite which is black with heavy gray swirls and a matte textured finish. Now, when Im ready to give them a good wipedown after dinner, they clean up in a second (no staining!!) and in the meantime, they hide a good deal of the daily use. Good luck with your renovation!
  • carlifabcarlifab Houston, TX
    Yea!! We put in snow white quartz countertops 2 years ago and LOVE them. They have a tiny bit of speckle to them, not completely flat, and so they hide a lot. But, they also look beautiful and clean. Quartz is the way to go! Easy to clean with Windex or a magic sponge too!
  • We have white cesarstone counter tops and they are awesome. Within the first day of use, I left a wet tomato can on it and it left a rust ring, I was horrified, freaked out, and so mad at myself, but google to the rescue. The interweb told me to put a little soft scrub on it and clean it with a blue scrubby sponge. Worked like a charm, also easy clean up of red wine stains, etc. They are heat and stain resistant, so if you can splurge on them, I say go for it, you won't regret it!
  • RachelleRRachelleR Portland, OR
    My husband and I just finished our kitchen remodel and we have the white Abstrakt Ikea fronts up top with Arctic white Q Quartz counters ( and walnut fronts below (ignore the mismatched bar stools, we weren't finished when that picture was taken).

    We love the white counter tops, and my husband and I both agree that we keep them much more clean because it's obvious when there are crumbs and spills. Now we quickly wipe the counters down on a daily basis and only have to deep clean every other week or once a month or so with Bar Keeper's friend. They don't stain at all, and they make the room feel so bright!
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  • I HATE our speckled formica counter tops because I never know when they are clean. Seeing crumbs on a white counter top wouldn't bother me, because then I would know they were there and I could wipe them off! I literally have to run my palm over every inch of our counter tops to feel if they are clean or not... Ugh!
  • I feel the same as itshappenstance about our white laminate counters. As soon as something spills it needs to be wiped up so it doesn't stain, and every little crumb, coffee ground, or speck of dust shows. While I am pretty good at wiping up spills when they happen, my husband is not... I'm sure other white materials (NOT laminate) are better in the stain-resistant category, but I for one can't wait until we re-do our kitchen and get something darker put in.
  • Before my white countertops, I had brown/beige ones that were laminates in a imitation of granit. I hated them. Maybe it's because my husband have a disease widely spread among husbands and children, the TBCD or the TEMPORARY BLINDNESS FOR CRUMBS DISEASE. With those brown/beige countertops it was so easy to "not have seen" the crumbs or the spills and I find it really discusting when you touch the counter and it is sticky or full of crumbs. So every time I was in the kitchen, I had to begin buy cleaning the countertops.

    Now with white countertops, even with a severe TBCD it's impossible not to see the crumbs or spills, so everyone have to clean after themselves... and it's always nice! SIMPLY LOVE WHITE COUNTERTOPS... will never have anything else!
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