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DIY Kitchen Remodel Before & After - knocked out a wall and built our own cabinets!

Here's what my kitchen looked like just after the wall came down...

...and now nine months later here's my finished kitchen.

We DIYed everything from electrical, hardwood floor refinishing, cabinet building/painting, and tile backsplash.


I documented the whole process on my blog if you'd like to check out more photos or see more details on how we got from point A to point B. Hope you enjoy!


  • edited January 2014
    Wow!! Built your own cabinets - wowza!

    Love it all but must shout out the open shelving, the open produce storage above the fridge, the herb rail across the window and the rug in front of the sink!
  • BeckyBecky Minnesota
    Thanks @GreenInOC, the "rug" in front of the sink is actually a $10 Nate Berkus bath mat from Target. It's not super plush like a typical bath mat and it's just the right size to work perfectly in front of the sink.
  • aforceinsideaforceinside Kansas or Europe, depending on the day
    feel free to come knock down some stuff at my house.
  • your backsplash and open shelving! Also the open veggie bins over the fridge are so unique.. Well done!!
  • berrybluedesignberrybluedesign Melbourne, Australia
    An amazing transformation, I love the floors, sink and lights in particular

  • Very, very nice! Would you share the paint brand and color on those gorgeous cabinets? Also, what is the material you used for your countertops?
    Fantastic job!
  • Looks amazing!! Congrats :)
  • BeckyBecky Minnesota
    Thanks @Summer!The cabinet paint color is Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray and the counters are Ceasarstone quartz in eggshell.
  • Flwr37Flwr37 Buffalo, NY
    I love that you went with an off color, not white or cream, and that you chose quartz. It shows that you did your research and that you definitely have a designer's eye!
  • I need those cabinets in my life. And the countertops, too. And the appliances. Maybe I can just move in? I can leave my husband and the pets here in the crappy apartment.
  • Oh Wow! I love it all.. especially those planters in the window.. so cute!
  • HomeComingHomeComing Minneapolis, MN
    You did amazing! And the color of your cabinets is so great. I have white cabinets now and dream of giving them a little color.
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