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Empty Wall Needs Some TLC!

Hi everyone!

The longest wall in my living room is in desperate need of something to finish it off. I'm happy with the rest of my living room and have a great color scheme going on, but I just cannot for the life of me decide what to do with this wall.

I've been toying with the idea of DIYing some built ins, or perhaps changing out the TV stand for something with color and mounting the TV on the wall and then adding an accent chair to the corner....but I'm having trouble committing to either idea.

What are your thoughts? I've included pictures to help give you a better sense of the room. Any suggestions appreciated!


(The trim is now gone and there's matching curtains hanging on the curtainless window!)


Jenna @ Wife in Progress


  • Before even finishing reading your post I thought "built-ins"! I think they would look insanely good!

    Make sure you LOVE your furniture in the current or very similar to the current set-up because obviously you'll really reduce your arrangement options.
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    What a charming room. I wouldn't prefer built ins because of the scale of the room - don't want to narrow it further and now you have symmetry on the end wall. Built ins on the end wall around the window - shelves above storage with a rad cover inbetween - that could work nicely.

    I like the scale of the television for the room and I want to suggest that you take the row off the wall and add some larger black and white and sepia toned canvases and some graphics or modern art with a bit of your aqua as a gallery wall with the television as only one element. Go ahead and hang it on the wall . . . I think your idea about getting that side a shot of muted blue green gray . . .something like bm templeton gray on a longer craigslist sideboard is a possibility to carry out your concept. You could also use the media cabinet you have centered between two ottomans in aqua or a deeper blue-green-gray.

    This is really about balance. Your windows are so strong architecturally that you need a full of wall display / scaled up.

  • @LibraDesignEye WOW! Thank you for the advice. Everything you said is so true. The room is pretty narrow so I was concerned that the built ins would close it in even more. A gallery wall seems like a whole lot less effort too haha! I'm going to play around in Photoshop and see what I can come up with!

    Thanks so much for the advice

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    We needed art on our tv wall too, and framed some really cool city scape prints from etsy with ikea frames. To make them look a little more expensive, we had custom mats cut at Michaels. If you are slightly crafty you can make large scale canvases for the wall and paint them. I used a sheet of 1/4 inch plywood ( cut at Home Depot into 4 2'x4' pieces) and trimmed it out with 1"x2". Then I printed out a bunch of fonts and used carbon paper to transfer the letters to make these street sign pieces. Much more economical than a large painting canvas from an art store and you can do a lot with them. We wrapped them in Christmas paper and tied with ribbon to decorate for the holidays.
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    3264 x 2448 - 2M
  • lisaOKlisaOK Columbus OH
    I like the gallery wall idea as well. But I really want to know where your couch is from. Please share!

  • Omg, I love the trim around the windows! Is that wood or is it painted? Hard to tell on my monitor.

    I also the love the idea of built ins, but I totally understand not wanting to make the room too small. A gallery wall could be all kinds of fun. After doing a few small gallery walls in my house though, I don't know that doing one that large would be any easier than installing built ins!
  • @lisaOK We had the couch custom-madefrom Jordans Furniture in Massachusetts. The style is called "The Margaret" and the fabric color is "Padme Mist".

    @marneyjt The windows are stained wood. I love them too. They were an awful orangey stain when we moved in and they look so much better now!!

    Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm mulling over the idea of a gallery wall and trying to shop my house for artwork and prints for it haha :-)
  • I vote a credenza with a bit more presence on that wall - something longer! The current one just looks dwarfed to me on that long wall. It could be fun to bring in the front door color with some kind of paint treatment!
  • @Brynalyn I've been eyeing up a mid century credenza but wasn't sure whether to take the plunge or not!
  • I have sort of a gallery wall, but used only four BIG pictures around IKEA shelving. Think big, I say! ;)
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  • @Jenna_WifeinProgress - omg! Midcentury yes! I'll always vote for a little mcm flair :)
  • @Jenna_WifeinProgress--we had the same problem, the tv stand alone wasn't substantial enough. So we bought the matching bookcases and I personally love the look of it. Just another option for ya...!
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  • I'd get a media console with more heft to it, and some large art to fram out the TV. I'm thinking some poster size classed up with some chunky dark wood frames to mirror windows.
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    Thanks for all the help everyone! I've got so many great ideas now!! Hopefully I can update you on some of the suggestions I'm going to try out over the weekend!

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress
  • Hi there! This is my first post, but I love the forums (and the blog ofcourse).

    Last weekend I went on a hunt for a solution for the same problem. We live in an apartment and the wall that is empty basically only has gyprock to hang things one, but we didn't want to have to have multiple things up on the same wall and make it look cluttered. We are also not permitted to paint or wallpaper.

    So we went to a local craft store and bought the biggest thin canvas we could find (8ft x 4 ft) and went to Home Depot to pick up this wallpaper. Next week we plan to cover the canvas and hang it (I'll post a photo when we're done). It's lightweight, gorgeous and will brighten the entire room. I've very excited!
  • OnyxfoxVTOnyxfoxVT Spartanburg, SC
    How about a floating credenza like House*Tweaking and ChrisLovesJulia did? Then mount the TV on the wall just above it. It takes up less visual space than full built-ins, but gives you lots of decorating space below and beside the TV.
  • Jalara said:

    So we went to a local craft store and bought the biggest thin canvas we could find (8ft x 4 ft) and went to Home Depot to pick up this wallpaper. Next week we plan to cover the canvas and hang it (I'll post a photo when we're done). It's lightweight, gorgeous and will brighten the entire room. I've very excited!

    I'd LOVE to see a pic!!

    Jenna @ Wife in Progress
  • Built ins would looks so great on that wall. I'm actually having a debate over my blank TV wall as well and some Ikea-hacked built ins might be just the ticket!
    Good luck!
  • I would put some board and batten on the wall with a ledge along the top for photos and nick nacks. It will break up the empty space and add interest without losing space. I'd also paint the window molding white to match the door frame and board and batten to help it flow a bit better. Like this:
  • Agree with above above gallery. I like the look of larger art/pictures, but This blog (not mine!) has a good pic incorporating shelves:
  • BeckyBecky Minnesota
    I love the idea of a floating credena as previously suggested or maybe some DIY Industrial Style Shelves
  • Flwr37Flwr37 Buffalo, NY
    First of all, your decor looks great! I think you could find a longer dresser or credenza second-hand that would be better suited for the size of that wall. Then mix-up a batch of DIY chalk paint in a complimentary blue, like the shade of the area rug or front door, paint the entire piece, distress it a little and finish it off with a coat of wax. Then look to John and Sherry' s current living room for inspiration. Keep the TV on its stand and just blow up your own prints and hang them in a variety of white frames. It's a big impact statement for little cost or commitment, plus, when you get bored, you can swap out the prints or even paint the frames. Plus, you'll still have room for a cute upholstered chair and a basket for magazines!
  • Love your space! And your sectional (we are looking at a very similar one but I'm having trouble finding one that's large enough). We are also contemplating a similar dilemma in our family room. I was really hoping for built-ins, but after measuring the space, there just wasn't enough width for nice built-ins, and they would have partially blocked our fireplace in the corner. So, we are going with a long MCM dresser I refinished two years ago and a gallery wall. In your case, though, I think the wall is plenty long for built-ins if you still favor that option. If you chose thin bookcases like the Billy's, which are only 11" deep, I don't think they would make the space feel smaller, especially if they are white or another light color, maybe with the backs painted a blue-gray color. I still love these:
    Here they are all styled:
  • I love the color of your front door!! It really stands out in your living space! Wall decor can be tough in my opinion. You need a healthy balance of design and style, but not too much going on. If you have a certain style, I would pick a few pieces you like and stick with that. If you like family photos, a huge collage on the wall might be a great statement piece? Just a few ideas!

    The Tiny Professional
  • Beautiful space!! We had something similar at our last house. I realize I might be in the minority, but have you tried changing your couch to the big wall and mounting your tv to the left side of the window? It doesn't look like you're a huge tv person with that sized tv, and your missing such a beautiful view of those gorgeous windows (let alone what's out there, ha!). I think that wall is made for a couch to go along it and then hang some large artwork above it and then the focus when you walk in what I'm assuming is your front door there isn't the tv, but your gorgeous couch and whatever you hang above it!
    If you scroll down in this post you can see my old living room :
    The previous owners before us had their TV on our sofa wall...I just thought it was so massive for a TV!
    Just my two cents! Best of luck in whatever you decide!
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