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$157 Complete Laundry Room makeover

We made over our laundry room top to bottom for only $157! It's SO much more functional now, makes me so happy! :) We made our own DIY light pendant, painted the linoleum floors, stenciled the back wall and added cabinetry we picked up from a yard sale. (I happen to have a blog, so I'm sharing how we did each step in the links! You can also see the full reveal and all the details here.)


  • I come across this on Pinterest all the time! One of my favorite images.
  • If my laundry area looked like this it would be a job to do laundry, sigh, your laundry room is gorgeous!!
  • I love it! I wish my laundry room looked like that. My washer and dryer share the same room as the water heater and furnace...not so pretty.
  • I love the way the painted floor turned out, it looks great! The peacock stencil is my other favourite thing. The whole room looks light and airy!
  • GetStartedGoGetStartedGo Portland, OR
    I was convinced that was wallpaper - I think my mouth dropped open when I realized it was a stencil! Love it.
  • This is gorgeous and inspiring! There is no reason for a laundry room to be ugly!
  • Beautiful color scheme and that wall stencil is perfection - well done!
  • What a beautiful space now x
  • Looks great!! $157 went a long way! :)
  • Fantastic transformation!
  • wow, that is awesome. It really takes guts to stencil (IMHO) and it is amazing what it does to a space. I really like how you mounted the cabinet in the middle of the shelves, too.
  • What a great makeover! How is the linoleum paint holding up? I want to do something similar in our office until we can tile. (The "office" actually used to be a porch that the old owners closed in and *gulp* lined with real pine panelling. It's our "go slow"-because-we-have-no-idea-what-to-do room!) I bookmarked your blog to read about it but I just thought to ask you in retrospect now- is it worth the trouble? Also, our office will be used every day as a "day room" for our four dogs... we need something durable.

  • Great job! So pretty! I would love to make my laundry room a prettier space like yours... What did you do with your ironing board?
  • I love it! Checking out your blog to see how you painted the vinyl flooring...
  • This is gorgeous! You did such a fabulous job!

    Fabulously Vintage
  • Fantastic transformation. Looks like a place you won't hate to work in :)
  • @viewalongtheway I just spent the last hour on your blog. You are amazing. That is all.

    Fabulously Vintage
  • Thanks SO much, guys! Senaber, it's holding up perfectly so far! Absolutely not a single spot of imperfection. That said, it's a low-traffic room for us so I have no idea how well it would do in a high-traffic area.
  • So inspiring! Your budget is amazing, too. My laundry room is a disaster. I will refer back to yours for inspiration!
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