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#thriftscorethursday - Share your thrifty finds!

Hi everyone! @Brynalyn (The Gathered Home), @bNwobsession (Black and White Obsession), and myself (Rental Revival) have teamed up to kick off a new weekly series on our blogs: Thrift Score Thursdays!


Post a photo of your thrift finds, big or small, cute or comical, whether you purchased them or not--and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with hashtag #thriftscorethursday. You can be featured on our blogs! If you want to read more about how it works, here's my introductory post:

You can also see my first Instagram post for this series here:

Thanks for indulging me :)


  • RuchaRucha San Francisco
    This sounds awesome! I'd love to link up and collaborate. I just started a blog at :)
  • I would love to link up, I don't do a weekly feature but I would certainly feature other thrift store treasure found by others.
  • edited February 2014
    @greenhilllanedesigns I try my best to add #ThriftyThursday's to my hashtag chaos, and I absolutely love all the pieces you show off!

    @Rucha and @ourhouse we'd love to have you link up on twitter or instagram and see what thrifty pieces y'all come up with!

    It's a new baby to us but I'm sure somewhere down the line we'll have a stump-er week or two. We'll definitely keep you in mind!!

    P.S. @ourhouse you're in WI?! AHHH I've been DYING to find another blogger to hangout with!!
  • Can't believe it's been 5 weeks already!! Check out this week's pretty plate collection Read: glass obsession. There's even a nod to my other favorite obsession- black and white:

    We'd love to have you link up via Twitter or Instagram. We share and mingle and have a good time! Don't forget to stop by @rentalrevival and @Brynalyn too!
  • ourhouseourhouse Wisconsin
    @bNwobsession‌ where in WI are you? I am about 30 min south of Milwaukee. Sorry I have not gotten back to you, we had the flu hit my whole house. But I am slowly getting back. I have not had any new thrifty finds lately but would love to feature or link up with people on my page. I am a newbie to blogging so I have not quite found my niche of fellow bloggers yet
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