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Before & After: Living Room Makeover

I am sharing my living room makeover with you all.
The room is not complete yet. Still needs some tweaks and changes.

And you can read all about it here:
I would love hear your comments on this makeover.

Blog 1.jpg
640 x 426 - 81K
Blog 4.jpg
426 x 640 - 75K
Blog 9.jpg
640 x 387 - 69K
Blog 7.jpg
640 x 387 - 69K
Blog 11.JPG
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Blog 15.JPG
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  • Elizabeth, Thank you. I bought the book of posters on amazon. Those art work are from Sanjay can find them here too
  • I love the pops of color! Great job!
  • Thank you, SheaF
  • Wow, that first image is awesome! Love all of the colors you used - definitely makes a statement!
  • Thank you so much Jenna.
  • That art is so awesome!! Great job!
  • Beautiful!!! Love the art, the pops of red and orange, and that red dresser across the room.
  • It's to Good And color communication are also good.
  • I love the transformation. I also love how you aren't affraid to use color!! I'm still in the process of renovation my house and I'm using pops of green and blue to accent the grey and brown tones. Let me know what you think!
  • Reshma_SanjeevReshma_Sanjeev Dublin, CA
    edited February 2014
    @alreid: Thank you Allison. The art did make a difference. Those are poster prints from a book.
  • Reshma_SanjeevReshma_Sanjeev Dublin, CA
    edited February 2014
    @Steph_BirdHouse: Thank you. Yes, the dresser was a surprise element for me too....:-)
  • @vickielovesjeff: Thank you, Vickie.
  • @banverdi! Thank you for the compliment.
  • @thetinybl0gger: Felicia, Thank you so much. I did visit your blog. You have done a great job yourself. Your living room is coming up beautifully.
  • @Reshma_Sanjeev thank you! I am so glad you like it! I actually just added a new post with the new shelving and curtains we added over the weekend. It's fun seeing everything come together :)
  • Hi Reshma,
    From a long long time I was looking for indian inspired wall you did a great job!
  • @shah_gopi, Thank you. Appreciate your comment.
  • Love the artwork and pops of color. Great job!
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