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I copycatted John & Sherry's huge double desk! With a copper twist of my own...

Hi YHL lovers! I'm sure you're familiar with the awesome double desk John & Sherry built in the office of their last home!

When we moved into our house, I knew I wanted to build something similar for a 12' wall in our office. I used simple white Ikea cabinets as the base and built a rustic plank top and then used copper plumbing parts to add accents and create the door handles!

It was quite a labor of love, but it's exactly what we wanted and needed for our home office!





I have plenty more pictures here and I just wrote a detailed tutorial here! I used a slightly different method than John & Sherry to build the plank top, and I have instructions and a full shopping list for the copper pulls & accents on my blog.

In total, everything I used for the desk came out to around $270, and that was truly starting from scratch as I didn't even have screws on hand! :P I'm a newbie with power tools, so my dad did come over to help with the construction of the plank top, but I would say the difficulty level of this project is fairly amateur. The copper pulls are absolutely my favorite part, and they are SO EASY - I kind of want to add them everywhere in my house now ;)

I'm just so excited to finally have an awesome work space in our office!
~ Brynne


  • Bravo! Job well done!
  • Wow.... I really like what you have done!! I don't usually even care for the style of chair you have, but the combination you have going on in there is amazing. :) I cannot wait to see how you put the entire office together. heading over to check it all out on your blog!
  • Thanks so much you guys - @Jenna_WifeinProgress, @libratravel, @wlml!

    wlml - I'm not usually crazy for that style of chair either, and I was planning to reupholster them in something a little offbeat to offset that, but when I plopped them in the space I was totally sold! They are a little too short for the desk, but one commenter suggested using casters to raise them up a little, so I think I'm going to try that since I love them so much in the office :)
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