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Living room / dining room combo dilemma!

Help! We have a 1950's style ranch with a kitchen that is too small for a table and chairs. We decided to use the extra space in our living room to create a living room/ dining room combo. The problem is our front door opens up right into everything. I'm looking for a layout plan that will make everything feel like its own space. I would like to have a tv area, a conversation space and of course the dining area. The first picture is the space looking in from the front door. To the right of me there is a small coat closet. Second picture is a look to the left from the front door and the last picture is from the corner where the dining table is looking out into the current tv space. The middle picture also shows a space with a lonely chair and a dog crate. Lol. Our tv used to be on this wall. Any ideas???
2592 x 1936 - 1M
2592 x 1936 - 2M
2592 x 1936 - 2M


  • about putting the dining table pushed longwise against the dog crate wall, with two chairs on the long side and the other two on the ends. You should then have enough room to pull the sofa back and to the right a bit. Move the TV shelves toward the door opening, and the chair might fit in front of the window at an angle. It's low enough not to block it very much. You might have room to hang the magazine rack near the window, on the TV wall. The dog crate...I have no clue! :)
  • I never thought about moving the table. Great idea! The dog crate I'm thinking to moving to the basement anyways. Thank you!
  • Could you push the dining table against the wall where it currently is, much like Christy suggested, and pull it out when you have guests? Adding a chandelier and rug could define the space. Replacing the crate with another chair and a small round side table in between gives you a little convo area.

    What about putting the couch in front of the window and putting the chair opposite it, floating in the room but leaving space behind it to walk to the hallway? Then you'd have a conversation space and not have to move the tv. And you could swivel the tv to face the couch a bit when you're watching it? Some other ideas: no matter where it is, a round or small oval table might work better in a small space--fewer corners to run into. You could also scoot the sofa to the right and put the chair in front of the window--brings it closer for a conversation area when the TV's not on.

    I live in a small 50s ranch too, with a living/dining combo room, but the dining part is sort of a nook and there is a chandelier there, so it's sort of designated for us. However, I have a zillion different ways I'd like to try arranging the living area, but a husband that gets stressed out about rearranging furniture. Don't you wish there was a magic wand that would let you easily try out all these arrangements! If only...
  • I have the same problem at my house. Our front door opens right into the living room and our kitchen is too small for a table. We did knock down the wall between the kitchen and living room so there would be room for a table, but I am still interested to see how you work this all out.
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