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Living Room Before & After Renovation

Our little Minneapolis house was built in the 1920's and was made up of a ton of teeny little rooms. So we ripped down a wall to open up our first floor's space and love it. And since we finally had the space to decorate, we upgraded furniture and decor too! For more photos, check out our blog: Home Coming
Before LR2.jpg
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After LR.jpg
640 x 480 - 182K
Living Room Near Final.jpeg
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  • libbylibby Australia
    Wow what a transformation! the rug is my favorite :)
  • I love that coffee table and have been looking for something similar. Could you tell me where you got it?
  • That rug is beautiful! Looks great.
  • HomeComingHomeComing Minneapolis, MN
    TNS8688, we build the coffee table ourselves! Instructions here:
  • Love it!
  • HomeComingHomeComing Minneapolis, MN
    You're all too kind. Thanks so much for the great comments!
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