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A Fun and Vibrant Formal Dining Room Reveal

We bought a house two years ago and with it, we gained a formal dining room. I had never wanted a formal dining room, because I knew I would never use it. Well, we decided that if it was fun and vibrant then we would use it. So, that's what we set out to do. All the built-ins were painted bright white, the walls painted gray, we got all the furniture (minus the metal garden chairs) secondhand and we really just created a fun space that was usable by our family. I would love to hear your thoughts on the dining room.

You can see more details:
700 x 467 - 260K
467 x 700 - 341K
467 x 700 - 310K
467 x 700 - 221K
480 x 640 - 275K


  • It *is* a happy space! I love it! Your curtains with the blue stripes are wonderful! Love the natural wood of the shade, chairs and chest kind of zinging off each other in contrast to the bright white! Did you really paint that picture yourselves? Fun to see your kitty in the before pic, in there helping you or maybe just supervising. =^,^=
  • Love it. That buffet is so cool.
  • Love it!!! Where did you get that large wall art? Did you really do it yourself?
  • I love everything about this room, especially that rug! Great work!
  • What a great dining room! You did a great job of adding color and fun while keeping it elegant - well done!!

  • Thank you! Yes, the artwork was a DIY (my husband painted it). If you want to see the post on the artwork...
  • Everything in your dining room is perfect. The table, the buffet, the art and I envy that you have the built-in cabinet too....:-).
  • @Reshma_Sanjeev‌ Thank you! It's funny about the built-in. We hated it when we moved in (I'm definitely not a collector of dishes), but it has definitely grown on us. =)
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