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Mystery thrift store find... What is it???

Hi, everyone. :) Today I found a mystery, wooden, semi-circular decor-like item at a thrift store. I like the colors and textures of the shells, pinecones, and other things in the little windows, and I'm thinking of hanging it as a wall decoration in my little girl's room. However, I have no idea what this thing was originally designed to be. There is a strange rectangular tray/slot (about 1.5" wide, 5" long, 2" deep) on the top of it, and it is hollow in the back. The tray is removable and made of plastic. On the bottom there's a little sticker that says "A Price Import, Taiwan." Any clue? This could be one component of a larger piece of some kind? Or a stand-alone thing? Or does anyone know of a forum/website for this type of question, ha! See pictures attached.
320 x 240 - 32K
320 x 240 - 34K
320 x 240 - 33K


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