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Adding some flair to a filing cabinet! And by flair, I mean wood.

For right around $25, I remade this filing cabinet... and now we can actually keep it in a room and not in a closet!


Check it out here:
Filing Cabinet Complete_HouseofGold.jpg
650 x 486 - 386K


  • I love this!
  • What a great idea!!
  • LouKLouK Sydney, Australia
    I love your attempt at parquetry on the front of the cabinet. Surely this took quite some experimenting and effort to cut precisely?

    Thankfully, many years ago I chose to buy timber filing cabinets for my home, instead of going for the metal option. (I didn't want to be reminded of the workplace too much whilst at home.) Now they blend in seamlessly with the rest of my timber furniture.

    I hope yours now bring a more homely feel to your paperwork and, perhaps, even make the task more pleasurable.
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