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Painted Piano - Before and After

I purchased an old player piano off of Craigslist, had it tuned, and decided to paint it. Took me a few days and many many coats, but definitely worth it for the shock of color it adds to my living room area. (I painted it right before I changed apartments, which is why there is carpet in the 'before' picture.)

piano - before.jpg
602 x 552 - 109K
piano - after.jpg
577 x 433 - 137K
594 x 362 - 54K


  • Thanks!! :D

    The color is called 'mom's lipstick' looks more purple than pink in person, i think.
  • libbylibby Australia
    wow!! looks great, much better than boring old wood
  • Looks great! The tufted bench is the perfect complement to the piano's color.
  • how fun!! I love it!
  • olwhiskersolwhiskers stinkbait
    That makes me want to take piano lessons. The hot pink is fantastic.
  • anniebrodysmomanniebrodysmom Elmhurst, il
  • Such a fun pop of color! I would have never thought to do that.
  • That's awesome! I love a pop of colour!
  • Okay, you are my hero! So RAD! You did what I have always wanted to do, but hav been too scared of. So many props to you. LOVE IT!
  • livelylivlivelyliv East Coast, USA
    Wow! Love it.
  • You guys are so nice! Thank you.
  • Okay, you are my hero! So RAD! You did what I have always wanted to do, but hav been too scared of. So many props to you. LOVE IT!

    What's the worst that could happen? :D
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