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Exterior Update Ideas- Shutters, Porch, Front Door

edited May 2013 in Outdoor & Garden
Hi Everyone! Attached is a picture of the front of my house. I'd love to increase the curb appeal and am thinking about updating the porch door and windows. Any ideas??? I really want to add shutters, but am worried about the amount of space between the windows and the door/porch. What do you all think? I was thinking bermuda shutters could work, but would love some other ideas! Also, any thoughts on colors? You can't see it in the picture, but the roof of the house is red.

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  • AshAsh
    edited May 2013
    Oh, what a sweet house! If I were the owner, I'd probably...
    Paint the front door blue or yellow (to contrast with roof/bricks)
    Remove the shrubs and revamp the landscaping
    Use a decoration to the right of the door to add balance
    Try to fit narrow shutters on the windows

    I think landscaping would go a long way in increasing curb appeal for this place, the house is already so nice!
  • Thanks Ash!! I hadn't even thought about painting the front door another color as I've always had a major crush on red doors. I close on the house in two weeks, so there are a million ideas running through my mind! Thanks for your help!
  • I liked Ash's suggestion of hanging decorations to the right of the door. I was thinking the same thing myself. If you love your red door, you could always just remove the glass door from the front (unless it means a lot to you). I did the same thing on my front porch and it made a world of difference. You might also consider pulling up some or all of those bushes and plant either flowers or some type of bush with bright, pretty flowers. I love the brick sidewalks!
  • Or if you want to leave the bushes, you could get some hanging baskets or those boxes that clip over the railing and fill them with bright flowers.
  • Cute house! My first thought was that you need something with color! Paint the front door, consider narrow shutters, find some colored piece to hang in that empty space to the right of the door. The front of the house looks a little "unbalanced" because you have the big window on the left and then a big empty white space on the right of the door. Adding "something" to that empty spot would "balance" things out a bit. Perhaps you can find a metal something or other (star, wheel, whatever suits your fancy) to hang there. Hanging baskets would look good, as long as they weren't too big. You could also consider paint the big support posts and the railing tops the same color you paint the door. "Boxing in" the support posts so they look bigger would improve the look (i.e. you want to make them look bigger than they are now to add some "visual weight"). I like the pots you have on the steps now. Try adding some flowers in front of the bushes - coordinate them with whatever color you paint the front door. If you paint the door red, try orange, red, and yellow flowers.


  • I would add some furniture to the right side of the porch. If I had your porch, it would be a brightly painted porch swing, and maybe even some outdoor curtains hung in the corners of the porch. Very cute house!
  • I love the walkway! SO adorable! I think that hanging planters would look great and give the porch some symmetry. Perhaps some pretty ferns or purple petunias. I think a nice bright cobalt blue would look great on the door, too. What about colorful seating and some larger lanterns to balance things out?
  • Painting the trim around the window would help make it pop more, but maybe that's a bad suggestion because then where would you stop - there are a lot of white trim accents on that porch and maybe you like it like that! It certainly looks very fresh and clean and charming. Congratulations on your new home!
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