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Decor that bugs you?

What are some decor ideas that you've seen done that drive you crazy?

For me, I hate when people frame really small photos (8x10 or smaller) by themselves on a wall. It looks so empty! I also hate when I walk into a home, and it's cluttered full of random trinkets.

What drives you crazy?


  • I don't like it when there are 100 nick naks on EVERY surface of the house. I can appreciate sentimentality and wanted momentos, but there are better ways - take pictures and make a memory book like Sherry and John do each year, or frame them and make a stylish gallery wall, collect really meaningful pieces and display them, otherwise, stop the clutter! I feel claustrophobic in homes that insist on filling every empty space with anything that fits.
  • @heathergearhart, You could always "extend" the trim on your window to fill that space on the wall. Kevin and Layla from The Lettered Cottage did something slightly similar in the living room of their old house. They used bamboo blinds to raise the height of the window and filled the gap between the two windows with a piece of wood to extend the trim.

    I dislike the sticker decals on the wall, too. In fact, I was just reminiscing about this post earlier today when I saw that Dollar Tree sells them now, too... lol
  • @jillofalltrades Now that I don't mind and is a nice alternative to the norm... Gotta love the bamboo blinds!
  • Curtains that don't reach the floor. Too many family/self pictures hung up on walls.
  • I look around rooms and wonder who DUSTS all that stuff. Don't care for those big overstuffed couches with the poufy rolled arms. And 75% of the furniture from Ikea is begging to be made unique and personal in some way, and those fixes are easy.
  • I don't understand minimilism. (I'm talking about the kind where there is a sofa and a single bare bulb hanging from the ceiling as a stylistic choice.) Also I loate beige, banquets, and those quotations on the wall.
  • I don't get when people buy huge pieces of bulky furniture...and when every nook and cranny of their home is filled with "things" that you can't see the walls or the floor!
  • I hate when I see people carry out super cutesy, childish themes throughout their entire home. I get it, you have children, but I don't understand the need to broadcast that throughout all of the decor choices you make. Adults live there too, right?
  • Things that make me cringe a little:

    Chevron everywhere.
    Chalk paint
    TVs over fireplaces, or as the main focal point of a room
    Visual clutter
    Posters that aren't framed

    ...I'm sure I can think of some more later.

    Some of the responses here had me cracking up.

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