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$400 rids the world of an ugly 80's bathroom

We moved into our first house and words can't describe the horror of our 1980's bathroom. We removed the vanity light (complete with 3 different types of exposed light bulbs), got new drawer pulls, switched out the mirrors for framed versions and a nicer medicine cabinet, and raised the shower rod to 98" to make the most of our vaulted ceiling. Best of all, we used Rustoleum's countertop paint to get rid of a green marble laminate countertop! What a difference!
Master bath before after.jpg
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  • anniebrodysmomanniebrodysmom Elmhurst, il
    YOU PAINTED THE COUNTER TOP!? How did I not know you could do that!? Any details/advice on that, because my bathroom is in for a world of pain (err, makeover) as soon as you dish. Oh my gosh! My mind is blown. I am new to home ownership so didn't know this was even an option. My 70s bathroom could desperately use a make over and my pocket book could use a quick fix! Thanks for opening my eyes! Looks great!

    I apologize for the excessive exclamation points, but your post got me VERY excited. Could you tell!??
  • anniebrodysmomanniebrodysmom Elmhurst, il
    annnnnnnnnnnnd, one last thing. Does the counter look nice up close? Mine looks awful no matter what, but I figure it's a good point of clarification!
  • Love it! I'm intersted in how the countertops look close up, too. I have an awful master-bathroom that is dying for a makeover. But I don't have much to invest, maybe a major rehaul in a few years... you did a great job!
  • I painted the old laminate counter top in my laundry room a year ago with the Rustoleum kit. We don't baby it at all, the sink in there is used as our dump/paint brush tool cleaning sink. The only issue I have had so far is that if water is allowed to pool on it for over a day - it will look like it is soft and ruined where the water was. Just wipe the water up, give it a day or two to dry out and it is fine.

    I did a solid color, if I had it to do over I would have chosen a stone-like finish. When you roll it on it isn't glassy smooth, there is a texture to it. A stone fleck would disquise it perfectly. (don't get me wrong - a whole lot better than the damaged immitation butcher block I started with!!)
  • anniebrodysmomanniebrodysmom Elmhurst, il
    @zula and @at3355... Would it work on a (what I think is) laminate bathroom counter that has the same texture/same everything for the doors on the vanity, too? Is there something else I could use for the cabinet fronts? Oh, and the lovely wood trim. Is it hard to clean? Anything else curious minds should know?! Thanks!
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