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Help with our front porch please

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After 3 years in our home we are finally getting to some projects on the outside to improve the curb appeal. The first thing we would like to do is re-paint the front porch as well as the part of the siding that is currently stained the reddish color. Our house is vinyl siding except for the area of the porch that is some kind of stained wood. We were thinking we would paint the stained portion the same color as the rest of the house, the porch white and the front door and door leading into the garage navy.

This to me seems like the easiest and safest option but I would be open to other ideas if anyone has any.

Thank you so much for your help! I'm so excited to start making the outside of our home beautiful :)




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    I was having trouble uploading the pictures, but now they are up!
  • I kind of like the idea of keeping it a different color than the rest of the house, since it is obviously different siding material, but maybe something brighter to make it not so dark, and that will help make a navy door stand out.
  • Oof, that is DARK! I agree with @michelelouise in that a shade a bit lighter than the siding could be a nice contrast; at least it will avoid the hassle of trying to get the siding color matched perfectly. White paint on the steps and porch would be very crisp, so long as you're willing to keep it clean. :)
  • Thank you michelelouise and Ash for you input. That is exactly what my goal is, to make it brighter! I think I'll take a piece of our siding to find some coordinating colors.

    Does anyone have any other ideas on how to brighten/freshen up the outside a little? We are planning on doing some landscaping this summer as well.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!
  • I like your idea. Another route could be to paint the stained portion navy and paint the door yellow.

  • Jessica_CapeofDreamsJessica_CapeofDreams Westchester, NY
    Some bushes to hide that trellis and add height would be great. That porch is perfect for a swing. I would leave the wood the color it is and paint the door a bright color and paint the furniture some light to make it pop against the dark wall.
  • Something lighter would look nice! Also, replace that lattice with some kind of flashing that blends with the porch floor!
  • Yep - that front porch is a cave and needs to be lightened up!! I love the idea of making the wood a similar color to the rest of the house - perhaps a slightly darker color of the gray siding, to tie it all in. Then a yellow door will really pop out at you. Use navy as an accent color in furniture cushions or planters.




    I would plant shrubs to hide the lattice work at the base of the porch, and then you can put some flowering annuals in front of the shrub line to really cheer things up.

    Once you have the porch and door painted - add some cute bright yellow and white furniture with navy accents like cushions or planters to bring all the colors together.

    Orrrrrrrrrrrrr ---- hehehehe

    I found this pic that I really like too:

    Keep it dark in the porch by painting the wood navy, paint the door yellow, and then add white and yellow furniture and planters to lighten up the porch area against the navy walls.


  • Wow, that made a HUGE difference!! Way to go!

    A railing would be nice, it would give the porch some more oomph and of course improve the safety. Considering the house is all blue and white, it may be worth convincing your hubby to try a warm contrasting color for the front door. :)
  • Looks great! If you don't go for the yellow on the front door, perhaps you can splash it with a bench or porch swing. :)
  • Wow - great job!!! Really opens it up and brings the whole front of the house together!

    Yep - need to work on him with the yellow door - it's just paint!!! ;-)

    If he won't budge, go navy with the door and a bright yellow wreath.




    You are really getting there!!! Keep up the good work!! :-)
  • Thanks all! I am definitely going to work on hubs about the yellow door. I agree with you @Ash, the house is so cool in color that it would really warm it up. Like @lizaanne said, it's just paint! And if he still won't budge, I love the idea of doing a bright yellow wreath!

    I'm so excited for these changes! I have wanted to paint the dark siding since the day it became ours.

    I appreciate all the suggestions and pictures! Thank you!
  • That looks great! I like the railing idea
  • I like the railing idea, too. We have a railing on our porch and it ties everything together. Plants can go a long way in terms of adding color. We have a porch swing on one side and two captain chairs on the other side. For a picture of our porch, check out this link:

    You have to scroll down a bit to get to the porch pic.
  • Oooh! I love that lemon wreath and some bushes that bloom yellow would look awesome too. I personally don't think you need a railing but it certainly wouldn't be a bad thing.
  • It is looking Awesome! The lattice bugs me though as it really stands out and I read you don't care about it either. What about painting it a dark colour? I think it might recede into the background then... Or remove it and use wood slats or something :-)
  • weathervanesweathervanes Orleans,MA
    You have a very charming house. I think the suggestions of the community is really great. I was thinking of dressing up your window with some copper planters. I think they would look well especially with colorful blooms.
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