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What kind of primer and paint should I use on kitchen cabinets?

I'm thinking about painting my wooden kitchen cabinets but I heard that I should use a "gripper" primer, which I can't seem to find anywhere. Can I use any primer or should I keep searching? Also, What kind of paint would be the most durable for the kitchen since I wipe them down often? Thanks!


  • I can't advise you on the paint, but I got amazing results from Zinsser Cover Stain primer. I followed this tutorial exactly to paint a piece of furniture that came out amazingly well, and I attribute most of the success to the primer. Hope that helps a little!

    Jane from Hungry Janey
  • I used Zinsser Fast Prime 2 on my cabinets. It worked really well.

    For cabinet paint, I highly recommend Benjamin Moore Advance. It's made specifically for cabinets. Mine are holding up really well. No chips or peeling.
  • I used zinsser bin. Its water based so easy clean up, then just used white semi gloss over that.
  • I used zinser Bin primer, too. Smells awful but works wonders. I also used Enjami Moore but I used kitchen and bath. I've heard good things about BM advanced though
  • We love Gripper. It's at Home Depot.

  • We used Zinsser 123 primer and I want to say we used a paint called Cabinet Coat.
  • @splash, I am going to use the same primer and paint. How are your cabinets holding up? Trying to decide whether to go with Cabinet Coat or BM.
  • @ledec1117 We did our cabinets in 2011 and they still look brand new and are so easy to clean. Our cabinets were painted before and oils and other cooking splashes seemed to stain the paint, but we haven't had that problem at all.

    I think we ended up doing two coats of each on our cabinets. It took forever, but turned out great. Good luck!
  • IeauFly4, I also loved the zinnser primer. I thought it was much easier to work with than other primers. However, when I went to paint my cabinets, the BM Advance White Dove was a little yellower than my Aura White Dove with which I had tested.....anyone have hints as to soft white that will maintain that softness/not yellowish even in the Advance paint formula?
  • Sorry----misspelled Zinsser........
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