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Closet Door Makeover

I gave my closet doors a makeover over the was a quick and cheap project but completely changes my bedroom!


Check out my blog for the full tutorial:



  • Looks high end, love it!
  • I literally just gasped when I saw the after photo. I am going to have to borrow this idea for my 2 spare bedrooms' plain Jane closet doors.
  • This is AMAZING! All the bedrooms in my house have closets like yours. I definitely want to try this!
  • Jessica_CapeofDreamsJessica_CapeofDreams Westchester, NY
    It is hard to believe those are the same doors. It looks so much better. I should do this on my closet doors, but there are already so many projects on my list; I don't know if I should add another to it!
  • Thanks so much everyone! It's definitely one of those projects that has a great before and after!
  • Awesome job .. well done!!
  • That's a great idea, I was just thinking about taking my doors down and hanging curtains but your idea may be a better solution.
  • Looks great!
  • Thanks so much for all the love!! :-)
  • this is what I need to do in our master bedroom! looking good!
  • whoa!!! Who knew those boring doors could look that good??? Great job!
  • They look amazing!
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