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Why I adopted a dog

Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my personal story about adopting my dog, Petunia. Adopting a year-old pup has been full of trials and challenges, but having her in my life has given me so much. I know some of you are dog lovers so I thought you might appreciate this. Please share via Pinterest or Twitter if you feel so inclined!

Have any of you adopted an animal?


  • awww, that sounds exactly like me and my dog. We're still working on his issue with skateboards but he's come such a long way. He went from cowering behind me all the time to going right up to people and licking them. Training has helped so much!
  • @laban1ca Haha, skateboards! Yes, any random thing zooming by tends to freak Tuney out. I'm glad your dog is adjusting!
  • My goal is to teach him how to ride it. Of course that may mean I would also need to learn lol. I figure if he's riding one he won't think they're so scary.
  • Hahhaa!! Great logic.
  • Thank you for your wonderful post. Its inspiring and also incredibly helpful to someone like me who would love to adopt a dog some day, but has never had an indoor pet before.

  • Aw, well I'm glad I could give you some helpful info, @Tina! Thanks for reading.
  • Adoption is the best! My husband and I adopted a greyhound a year ago and haven't looked back! She's just about the sweetest thing in the whole world and we can't imagine our lives without her. It was a big step for me as I have only had store-bought small dogs in my life, it was my first big dog. She has adjusted so well and is the most well-behaved dog I have ever met--we really feel like she has made our lives better and that she has done us the favor!image
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  • @shellbell9567 OMG she is SO CUTE. Look at that grin. What a great pup. I seriously love dogs so much. There are times when I think mine is like a little person, she is just so expressive!
  • Great post, adorable poochie! She looks like she has a bit of beagle in her. Have you tried Poochie Bells for potty training? It took 4 months, but our beagle (2 years old at the time we adopted her) learned to use them, so no more accidents. We've had two rescue beagles, both girls, both not barkers and very affectionate. But otherwise, very different personalities. Brownie had separation anxiety and never understood playing with toys. Willow is very independent and curious, and often will run around the house squeaking a toy and inviting me to play. I can't imagine life without dogs.
  • How adorable! We adopted all four of our pets-two from the local shelter, one through a rescue group, and one from a family we knew who didn't like their lab after she was out of the puppy stages. Well worth it. They have given us years of unconditional love and devotion.
  • weathervanesweathervanes Orleans,MA
    We rescued this dog. We found her one rainy night. She was drenched and cold. I think she was a victim of hit and run. We took her right away to the vet. She stayed there for about 2 weeks. We adopted her later on and named her AVA.
    medcert 026.jpg
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  • weathervanesweathervanes Orleans,MA
    This is my baby boy David! Say hi to everyone!
    medcert 044.jpg
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  • Both of our dogs were rescues :) The fawn pug, Diesel, we adopted when he was 6 months old. We didn't even have time to think through the decision, we just packed up and drove 1.5 hours to go get him on the spot. He's now 3 and the happiest little dog.
    Our black pug, Boo, was around 5-6 years old when we adopted him. He had been tied up outside for his whole life and was really unfortunate looking when we got him. He still has some issues we're slowly working on (almost all of his teeth need to be removed, for example) but we love him! We got him 2 weeks before Christmas, so he was our Christmas present to ourselves!

    One day I want to own an acreage and we plan on rescuing plenty more dogs
  • @Jan I have tried the bell thing but she just doesn't take to it. Fortunately, things have been improving a lot around here! I am exercising her twice as much and I think it's solving a lot of her problems. We haven't had an accident in weeks! *knock on wood*
  • I'm so glad you posted this! I have had a rescue dog Abby for 2 1/2 years now and she is the most lovable, playful, sweet, stubborn dog. I can't imagine life without her now. We did a one-on-one training program with her so that she could be off-leash. Now she is so much better behaved once she gets her energy drain. And we now live in a neighborhood with tons of other dogs, so she is much happier :)
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  • @twocupsofhappy She is adorable! Thanks for sharing :)
  • baileya said:

    Both of our dogs were rescues :) The fawn pug, Diesel, we adopted when he was 6 months old. We didn't even have time to think through the decision, we just packed up and drove 1.5 hours to go get him on the spot. He's now 3 and the happiest little dog.
    Our black pug, Boo, was around 5-6 years old when we adopted him. He had been tied up outside for his whole life and was really unfortunate looking when we got him. He still has some issues we're slowly working on (almost all of his teeth need to be removed, for example) but we love him! We got him 2 weeks before Christmas, so he was our Christmas present to ourselves!

    One day I want to own an acreage and we plan on rescuing plenty more dogs

    Would you recommend pugs for first time dog people?
  • Aw, what a cutie!

    We adopted our dogs after they were former family pet cast offs. I never understood how some people could go through pets like they were changing their underwear! Our fur-babies have their issues (Tempest is a high-spirited runner, and the little dog, Perry, likes to shred the TP!) but I could never just disown either of them because they aren't perfect. Goodness knows that I have my own flaws that the dogs put up with.


    Agreed! Mine are all cast offs--none actually adopted from the Humane Society, but they all came into my life because they were no longer wanted and had nowhere else to go. I've always wanted to adopt from the Humane Society, but these four needed entered my life first.

    Both cats came from the same irresponsible cat owners (a year apart) who didn't believe in fixing their outdoor cats--and lived beside a busy road. Instead of spaying and neutering they just left them to keep breeding and get hit by traffic to maintain the growing population. Taking them saved them from being road kill.

    One of our dogs I got 11 years ago from people who actually said "you gonna take that pit?? Otherwise we just gonna end up shooting it next week..." :o3 'UM YES. I will take her with me right now. And screw you.' She has been with me through thick and thin. She is a WONDERFUL, loyal, funny, affectionate girl with the best smile and laugh. My husband wants to clone her. LOL

    Our other dog was abandoned on our dead end street at 7 months old two years ago. Yes, he is a hyper, tail chasing buttlicker who needs his anal glands expressed monthly, but he is a sweet, smart boy who has so much love to offer. I don't believe in ditching your pet because suddenly it's not convenient anymore or because they grow out of being a cute baby. He was severely distraught after being dumped on the side of the road and forgotten. No way am I ever making him experience that again. He has grown into an amazing dog and apart of our family. All he needed was a chance.

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  • I definitely didn't want another terrier - their fur and energy don't generally mesh with me - so I thought I found the perfect dog to "visit" at the shelter 3 towns away. She had soft white fur and looked 15#'s or less.

    It was just a visit though because 4 months earlier I had just ended 4+ years of fostering 8 or so dogs and I wasn't ready.

    When I got to the shelter the volunteers were AWFUL. They were busy chatting and not interested in helping me. I couldn't find her and asked which cage she was in.

    The response was impatient and paired with an eye roll, "she's out there, go look".

    Turns out she wasn't, she was being spayed. Of course I wasn't going to go back because I don't enjoy being treated like shoe dirt!

    Two days later I found myself less than a mile from the shelter and feeling feisty so I went back.

    Again, SO rude. I won't regale you with all the details except to say that an employee walked by as I was leaving and asked who I had come to see and helpfully introduced Yoda and I.

    It was like internet dating, she looked NOTHING like her picture! She was a terrier, with massive amounts of terrier fur and about 30#s. She looked at me and with coaxing of the employee walked toward me and lay down and went to sleep. NO connection.

    Once the employee left, the volunteers "helpfully" came over and told me that I had spent enough time with her, besides they cheerfully pointed out, "you'll never get her, there are a lot of people with applications in and it won't be you - pick another dog".

    I was flabbergasted.

    Leaving again, the employee passed me by outside and asked me if I liked her. Yes, I replied being polite. "If your application is approved could you take her home right now?"

    I smiled and out of spite enthusiastically replied, "YES!"

    So I end up adopting a dog completely out of spite and it was the best, worst thought-out decision I ever made!

    Yoda was severely depressed and worried. She handled it by completely shutting down. It took an incredible amount of patience and proving I was trustworthy for her to come out of her shell.

    It took her 7 months for her to wag her tail! She's constantly evolving and while her energy is still remarkably low, she is happy (except when the cat slaps her around and then humps her - seriously, it's like a bad Lifetime movie when Prossimo, the cat, is in one of his moods), open to people, relaxed, interested and the best dog I could ever hope to have!!

    I often think about that gaggle of women and want to seriously thank them for being SO obnoxious. If they hadn't, I would have never adopted Yoda and I would have missed out on loving her like crazy and the joy she brings me every single day.

    Muddy Yoda.jpg
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  • @greeninoc awesome story! Yoda looks like she is finally content :) I

    cannot BELIEVE vollunteers at a shelter to save animals would be so rude! It's like they didn't want her to be saved!! I only wish you would have told the employee how terrible they had acted so no other animals would have missed their chance to be adopted due to **** volunteer attitudes!

    Also, the bad Lifetime movie reference had me rolling!!! =)) "i love him! You don't understand! He only does it because he loves me and needs me to accept he is in charge...he is so different when nobody else is around."
  • @GreenInOC I'm so glad that story ended well! Yoda is sooo cute and also, that name rocks.
  • edited September 2013
    @shaboo, I do worry about her being at the cat's mercy when I'm not around - I wonder if he just beats on her and humps her relentlessly without me to intervene!

    @rentalrevival, thanks and me too!! I can't take credit for the name, the shelter chose it. I actually didn't make the connection until someone pointed it out to me as I was considering names that "fit her" - doh!!
  • edited November 2013
    @GreenInOC We had a very similar experience! We were so excited about getting a dog - my husband was in school part time and we had a roommate who attended college online, so someone was always going to be there with our pup at least for his first six months, we had a big, new house with a huge fenced-in backyard - it was the perfect time.

    We went to our local Humane Society - we were camped out on the bench out front for half an hour before they opened we were so excited. Instead of being greeted with the same excitement, they were SO MEAN to us. Disinterested, rude and implied we would be bad pet parents.

    We mentioned we had a fully fenced in backyard and their response was that "we don't like our adoptive families to have fenced in backyards because it encourages them to leave their dog unattended. You know, it could get picked up by a hawk out there alone."

    We were flabbergasted. They gave us a ton of paperwork and said once we finished, we could set up a home visit and IF that went well, we could start looking at potential dogs.

    After being treated so terribly, we knew we weren't going back there. We started looking at other shelters, online posts of unwanted pets and even the pet store. Finally, we found our Snape! He was part of an accidental litter and the kind family was looking for a good home for him. They even gave us a whole bag of food, toys and food bowls with him.

    He has been our best friend ever since.

  • @Courtney SNAPE!! How cute! We both have Harry Potter dogs! (mine's Petunia... or Tuney for short, just like in the books)
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